5 important reasons to quit using social media

5 Important Reasons to Quit Using Social Media

5 important reasons to quit using social media

If we look at what’s happening today, we can clearly notice that social media has become a huge part of our society.

Our children, parents and even grandparents now use Facebook for social interaction, entertainment, and plenty more other purposes. My point is that in the present time, almost everyone is using at least one social media channel.

Things won’t change very soon. The digital environment has become extremely useful and needed in almost any domain of activity.

The instant communication ways that we now have access to makes it too easy for us to continue what we’re doing and never wonder about change.

The “general” individual that uses social media usually believes that there’s nothing wrong with it, it only brings benefits, and the disadvantages aren’t so big to even be worth considering.

See, that is a mistake. Social media can have lots of disadvantages, but they’re perfectly masked by those who are in charge.

This is not a conspiracy theory; social media is great in many ways. It helps the society improve, makes the business environment more fluid, and it basically improves almost any domain of activity.

BUT. Let’s not forget that these advantages are happening on a macro level and that many individual social media users can see the dark side of it.

As I previously mentioned, social media can bring a lot of benefits:

1. Instant communication

2. Crazy amounts of free information

3. Ability to connect with new people around the world

4. Enhances many fields: business, medicine, education, entertainment, news, etc.

I don’t want to get into more details because I hope you’ve understood my point by now. Now let’s see why social media can prove to be a disastrous element for so many people’s lives.

During today’s article, we’ll take a look at 5 disadvantages of social media trend, and see why every user should consider quitting it.

1. Online Interactions are Quickly Replacing the Interpersonal Ones

Social media gives us the opportunity to instantly connect with new people. It doesn’t matter where they’re at, you can still create some form of a relationship through the use of the online medium.

Making new friends is all cool and nice, but what’s the purpose of these relationships if they’re happening purely online?

Unfortunately, the interpersonal communication is quickly replaced by those instant chat rooms that most of the social networks provide.

Haven’t you found yourself in a situation where you’re sitting next to some friends, and instead of chatting with them you’re chatting with someone online?

You’re basically damaging your personal relationships because you’re not giving them enough attention.

Your girlfriend or boyfriend may feel offended when you’re not paying attention because you’re using your phone.

Here’s the truth: interpersonal interactions can never be replaced by the digital communication.

There are too many aspects that the online communication lacks, including emotions, face expressions, and body language.

2. Social Media Makes You Lose Your Identity and Confidence

Have you ever felt the need to validate your own principles, ideas, and image? It happens to most of us.

Whenever we receive a harsh comment about something that we’ve done, we start to question our own ways of thinking and living. The critique that you’re getting from your friends is far away from productive; it just makes you feel bad about yourself.

When these things happen, you start changing the way you are, or at least you’re masking what you believe that my hurt your personal image.

You see, most people believe that they’re adapting to the society. On the contrary, you’re letting the society change you in the worse ways possible.

Every one of us is unique in our own ways, and we should never forget that. Another aspect would be the loss of confidence someone might encounter after some negative remarks.

3. You’re not Living the “Real Life”

Did you know that people can easily become addicted to social media? Unfortunately, this addiction isn’t so easy to notice, and that’s because you’re persuaded to believe that spending many hours each day on social media is just fine.

Soon you’ll start neglecting other important activities such as your education, personal development, work, and family.

Instead of using social media, you’re being used by it. It draws your energy, and all you want to do is scroll for new mundane events instead of taking care of more important aspects of your life.

The reality is that watching other people’s lives is not that entertaining as living your own. You will even forget to live the present moment and enjoy the small things!

Dedicating your full attention (or at least a large part of it) to your mobile phone, laptop, or any other smart device will totally distract you from performing well in your life.

4.  It’s Bad for Your Human Spirit

Even though social media’s main role is to create connections and relationships between people, it actually does the quite opposite. It can make you feel lonely and depressed.

While you’re spending your time talking to different people online which you believe that they’re important to you, you’re actually neglecting and disconnecting from the people who care about you the most.

Even though there are already are many studies that prove that social media can bring a lot of disadvantages, people tend to ignore it. It’s the same as with smoking…you just don’t want to accept the reality that what you’re doing is disempowering and harmful.

5. Social Media is Filled with Illusions

So you thought you’ve found the love of your life; you’ve inspected his or her profile, noticed the beauty and the intelligence that they show, and you felt in love. When you first met them, you soon realized that what you were living a big and fat illusion. And it wasn’t necessarily your fault; that’s how social media makes people look – not real!

Most of the people on social media are giving the impression that everything’s fine with their lives. They’re happy, motivated, successful, and so on. When you get to see the reality, things are completely different from what you’ve thought.

You can’t actually know someone before seeing them and spending some quality time together. Quick tip: don’t believe that you’ve successfully read a person after some online communication. Don’t trust the pictures, they’re edited; and most importantly, never make an assumption about what’s going to happen the moment you meet.


I’m not saying that you should instantly quit using social media. That’s an absurd thing to do. What I’m asking you is to take some time and analyze whether you really need it in your life. Is it critical for your personal development and social life? Does it bring more benefits than disadvantages?

Find out the answers to these questions and make a decision. It shouldn’t be an ultimate choice; you can choose to go back whenever you need it, and also leave whenever you don’t find it relevant anymore.

Eva Wislow

Eva Wislow is a writer and career advisor at Careers Booster resume writing service. She has a degree in Psychology, and she is focusing on helping people discover their true calling and achieve their career goals. Connect with Eva on Twitter.

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