7 fitness tips to keep your New Year resolutions on Track

New Year’s resolutions make an important part of the celebrations. Unfortunately, these resolutions slip away by the time February arrives.

This year, you can keep your New Year resolutions on track with the help of a few fitness tips. Explore these handy tips below and enjoy a great 2017 ahead.

Fitness Tips for New Year

1. Start with short-term goals and then move towards long-term objectives

Instead of chasing long-term goals throughout the year without ever reaching there, it’s better that you start 2017 with short-term goals and then move on to long-term goals as the year unfolds.

If you start with long-term fitness goals, it will take almost 365 days before you can enjoy the pleasure of achieving a goal. Slipping off the track is easy in this situation.

Instead, consider a situation where you can meet an objective every week. It can sometimes be difficult to find ways to motivate yourself to workout.

Think about the pleasure of achievement that will give you the all-important motivational boost so often. It could help you stay on track this year with your new year’s resolutions.

2. Live ‘fitness’ as lifestyle in 2017

You don’t have to force exercise onto you, but you can make it happen by simply living a lifestyle that incorporates exercise. 2017 can be truly your year if you can turn regular activities such as cooking and daily chores into fitness regimes.

You can quickly change your lazy schedule and add rewarding fitness activities to make it fitness-oriented.

For example, instead of using an elevator to get to your office, you can take stairs. Similarly, instead of walking to a nearby convenient store to grab snacks, consider running or maybe jogging.

There are hundred more ways to make small changes in your lifestyle to make it more ‘fitness’ oriented in 2017. These changes will help you keep your New Year resolutions on track more than any other fitness tips.

3. Find a fitness center based on your personality and not cost/facilities/location

When you are without friends at a gym, you will quit in a few weeks. That’s what happens to a majority of people who run to gyms in January but never adhere to the environment at a fitness club.

As a result, they are not able to keep track of their fitness regime. They are all gone by February.

The reason a lot of these enthusiasts failed to keep their fitness goals on track is that they chose the wrong place for the workout. The preference shouldn’t be cost and location.

Instead, you should pick a place that can sync with your personality. You should be able to either find old friends or make new friends there.

When you can sync with the environment around you, it will be easier to achieve your fitness goals in 2017. Try this trick this time you go out to find a new gym for 2017 – it works like magic.

4. Fitness routines don’t have to be boring in 2017

2017 is going to be a wonderful year for fitness enthusiasts. Various new and exciting fitness trends are about to take over gyms and personal training spaces.

All this excitement is going to help you keep your New Year resolutions on track as you can look for ‘fun’ while setting up your workout routines for 2017.

If you can’t think of anything ‘fun’, think about interacting with other people while working out. This could help you get rid of the boredom.

For example, go to a gym for the daily workout instead of going to your basement exercise area. Similarly, plan jogging and bike ride in the park on alternate days instead of running the indoor cycle and treadmill seven days a week.  

There is so much more you can do. Just be creative with workout routines, and you will notice how 2017 turns out to be a more rewarding year for your fitness enthusiasts.

5. Design your unique reward system

A fitness campaign can go horribly wrong, and you could easily lose track of it within a few weeks if you haven’t thought about the reward system.

Setting up proper rewards for your efforts is important. However, there is more to just ‘having’ a reward. It has to be ‘rewarding’ and ‘fun’ instead. That would refresh your brain and give you a boost of energy and motivation.

6. Develop a healthy relationship with food in 2017

Food plays an important role in keeping you on track, especially when it comes to fitness goals. Lack of nutrition could not only make your dull, but it could also fail you to achieve your goals no matter how hard you try.

It’s important that you eat for fitness in 2017. Eat healthy food and make positive choices.

Build a strong relationship with food, and you will note surprising changes in your attitude and focus. In turn, it will help you to keep your New Year resolutions on track.

7. Stick to your overall plan

Sometimes, smaller changes in your long-term fitness plan would seem inevitable. But don’t let them ruin your overall plan. Stick to it in the long-term.

That’s the only way to keep your New Year resolutions on track with so many unwanted changes that will take place over the course of next 365 days.

Evelyn Kail

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