best tools for writing and learning

The Best 6 Tools for Better Writing and Learning Which You Should Use

best tools for writing and learning

Words can be tricky and finding the right words for the right audience can be even harder. Suppose you want to write a simple short story for kids, where would you start?

What would you even write about? Do you have any ideas for the story?  If not, there are tools out there that can help you achieve your dream goal of being a writer and they come in plenty.

The same goes for learning, you encounter something interesting and you want to learn more about it but you do not know where to start.

From the array of possible choices you have, here are the easiest and most accessible tools that you may use to better your writing and learning.

Best Tools for Writing and Learning

1. Quora

You have found a topic you like and you want to research on it but you have no clue whatsoever on who to ask. Well, Quora is the answer to all your problems.

Through Quora, you get the best advice from industry experts from different fields who will answer your questions to the best of their ability. These people are the real deal, they are CEOs , writers , engineers, chefs and so many other industry leaders who are open to sharing their solutions and answers with the masses.

Quora is a website that basically crowdsources answers for you, for instance, you may want to write a cookbook and you don’t know what recipes should be in the cookbook.

Simply post your question on quora and whoever is most qualified will answer you, in this case, expect an answer from food enthusiasts. Quora acts as a perfect platform to learn anything there is to learn, and topics range from how to bake a cake to how do rockets fly to outer space.

2. Wikipedia

Credibility is everything in research and writing and you want to have a source that is credible. An excellent tool to use would be Wikipedia.

This online platform is the go-to place if you want to learn extensively about something or someone – it has the world’s information gathered in place.

Pick a topic about anything or anyone and with no doubt, you rest assured you will find the knowledge about it on Wikipedia. Think of Wikipedia as a library that lets you borrow books or even better yet write them

Most regular internet users are familiar with Wikipedia, which is not to be confused with wiki leaks.

Wikipedia is basically a website that collects the world’s information and servers it out for free to the public, it can also be defined as a truth compass, though this is not entirely true as the information on various topics can be written and edited by anyone.

This can be dangerous as a person with no credentials whatsoever might add information to the quantum physics page without the information being validated thus whoever comes to absorb the information might be taking in the wrong data.

In as much as Wikipedia tries to verify the information that ends up being posted, take caution, beware of the “facts”.

3. Stack Overflow

You cannot possibly solve all problems by yourself. You might get stuck sometimes and it’s natural. The need to ask for help arises but you do not know who to ask or even if there is a plausible solution out there.

With Stack Overflow, that problem you have had most likely was encountered by someone previously and he/she found a way around it.

If not, there is someone one out there who has an idea on how to solve it and is ready to help you for free. Such people can be found on Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow acts the same way Quora does, it helps you crowdsource information related to a certain from the experts of that particular area.

This particularly works best for engineers and mathematicians who get stuck with certain sections of their work.

They may decide to ask for help from their colleagues who have faced a similar problem, thus being able to come up with solutions really fast, and from a trusted source.

4. YouTube

The power of vision! To be able to see and replicate what you’ve just seen. There are not many places in the world where you can get free education be it in text form, audio form, audio-visual or the old-fashioned teacher in a classroom.

With YouTube, all this can be achieved with a simple search and a single click. Through YouTube, you can access to unlimited hours of video content on any topic of your liking.

YouTube is a video sharing site that helps those of you that learn visually. If you are the type that has to see so as to fully learn something, then this is the place for you. There are plenty of videos to choose from depending on what interests you.

If you want to learn how to code, simply search for “how to code” and an array of results will be displayed for you based on your search.

From that, you can easily pick what you want to watch from the results and if it bores you, simply stop watching and go back to your results to pick another video.

This can be done over and over until you find the one that suits you best. If used properly, YouTube can act as a conduit to a vast library of videos on different topics by different people and also it can be used as a favorite pass-time hobby when bored.

5. Grammarly

Grammar isn’t the easiest thing out there and you don’t get it correct all the time. Thus, some folks came up with a brilliant idea of helping you with your grammar problem by creating Grammarly, a web platform that can be accessed by installing it into word or visiting the site itself.

Grammarly helps you point out your grammatical mistakes and helps you fix them. Think of it as a more powerful spell checker than the one on your word processor.

It can point out grammatical mistakes easily, and in a friendly way, thus helping you write in excellent grammar and submit your paper with confidence. It is the ultimate tool for those of you who wish to be excellent writers, and the best part is, it is free!

So you have your document and you are ready to submit it but you are not sure of your grammar skills or the spell checker on your word processor is not that intelligent to discern some certain phrases.

Grammarly can help you out with any writing errors you may make. For more advanced features, there is a premium subscription that contains a multitude of tools including a plagiarism checker.

6. CopyScape

Plagiarism is a headache to every writer and no serious writer willingly engages in it. It also attracts heavy penalties and serious ramifications that could harm your reputation as a writer.

There is a tool famous amongst writers, blog, article, and other types of web content writers that can help avoid plagiarism. Copyscape can be used to search the web for similar work to yours that have already been posted online.

Once found, it highlights the specific sections that have been plagiarized, be it a phrase, paragraph or an entire document. It not only shows you which part but from where.

It is a really powerful tool for those of you who want their work to be as unique as possible and the service attracts a certain fee regarding on the features you want to use.

You’ve done your research and read countless books and blogs online about the topic you like and decided to publish a paper.

Somewhere along the way you might have knowingly or unknowingly replicated someone’s information without acknowledging them for their fruitful efforts in bringing certain facts to light.

What do you do to find out if the content you want to publish is a replica of an already existing document? CopyScape is one of the top plagiarism checkers online that can help a great deal in solving this issue and put your mind to rest.

Over to You

These tools are but some of many that can assist you to be a better writer and learner and once applied they can be reflected your daily work on a day to day basis.

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