It can be pretty hard to move towards your dream when everyone around you says it’s reckless. That’s why it should be you who believes in yourself and your dream. There should be no doubt that everything will work out just fine and the result will be great. And yet you’ll have to be ready to fail.

You might think Colonel Sanders’ fried chicken recipe was accepted to the first restaurant he had pitched it to. No, 1009 was the number of times Sanders tried to convince restaurants to use his recipe. Michael Jordan missed way too many shots and that’s how he built his successful career in basketball.

Failing is the necessary evil you have to go through to succeed in the end. Just don’t treat it like it’s the end of the world. Rather than that, think of it as the way to learn and be wiser and more experienced next time around.

Analyze why it went wrong and what had to be done instead. Next time, when experiencing the same situation, act the right way according to what you have learnt.

Through the infographic, I’d like to show you the top 9 Famous Failures¬†of all time.¬†Look through it and start making steps towards your dream.

Famous Failures
9 Famous Success Trough Failure Stories
Courtesy of: http://www.essaytigers.com


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