7 Habits of Extremely Happy Travelers

Travelling isn’t always a breeze. There’s a lot of anxiety that goes into creating itineraries, planning budgets, and making arrangements for your time away.

When you get to your destination, you deserve to finally enjoy yourself. If you want to really relax and enjoy your new surroundings, you should consider adopting a new mindset. Happy travelers use a different approach, and we could all learn a thing or two from them.

Habits of Travelers

1. Pack Smart

Don’t bring a bunch of junk that you don’t need. Pack according to the weather of your destination, and research ahead of time to determine exactly what that weather will be.

Bring backup power sources for your electronic devices like your phone. There’s nothing worse than being stranded in an area you don’t know and discovering that your phone battery has died. Don’t forget to leave room in your luggage for the things you’ll bring home with you.

2. Stay Where the Locals Stay

You can stay at a luxury hotel anywhere. You don’t even have to leave your home town to do that.

A luxury hotel is just about the same anywhere you go, and there’s no reason to devote so much of your travel budget to something so overrated. You can always just find a rental on Gumtree and live the way the locals do.

3. Eat Where the Locals Eat

Restaurants in popular tourist destinations often offer subpar food at extraordinary markups. Most of the time, it’s the kind of food you could get anywhere.

Every part of the world has its specialties, and you could be missing out if you’re looking for food in the wrong direction. Street carts and small restaurants will give you the ability to try authentic new dishes.

4. Avoid the Tourist Traps

There are souvenir shops and activities designed specifically for tourists. They’re nothing more than money makers that deprive you of a real experience by offering you cheap goods for a large chunk of change.

You should absolutely support local artisans and crafters when you’re on vacation, but you should visit them at their actual places of business. You’ll feel a deeper connection to the things they create.

5. Go on the Off Season

Crowds can really kill a good time. Certain destinations are busier during specific seasons. Some people travel to a warmer climate to escape winter.

Some people travel in spring to see blooming fields in breathtaking country sides. There’s no reason you can’t do the same, but try to plan your trip towards the end of the season. You’ll arrive after most of the other travelers have already had their fill, and they won’t be in your way.

6. Explore Culture

Every area has museums and art galleries relevant to their local culture. Sometimes, these exhibitions are free of charge.

They’ll provide you with an opportunity to fully immerse yourself and learn a little bit in the process. You’ll be making a stronger connection to the places you visit, allowing them to leave a lasting imprint on you. Culture shock is good sometimes – it will keep you grounded.

7. Meet the Natives

Talk to everyone you can talk to. You may have a few language barriers to work out, but it’s worth your time to see and hear the things that matter to people in different parts of the world.

Ask the natives what they like to do and where they like to go, and take some advice from them.

Over to You

Forget any outdated ideas you may have about travel. Most people don’t get to travel often, so it’s important to make the most of the trips you get to take. You don’t have to hit every popular tourist location to have a good time. There’s no wrong way to travel as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

You don’t have to hit every popular tourist location to have a good time. There’s no wrong way to travel as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

Zoe Anderson

Zoe Anderson is a marketing assistant at StudySelect. She’s keen on learning about new branding strategies and digital marketing tools. When not working, she's thinking about her next travel destinations.

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