7 Handy Tips to Chuck Out Negativity And Lead A Happier Life


Being around judgmental colleagues, friends, relatives, or family members. Constant pressure to perform better at work. Rough phases in relationships. Or family issues.

Negativity keeps finding new ways to creep into your mind. From everyday petty issues to bigger and more dreadful ones. Life keeps introducing you to a variety of blues.

And there are rarely any surefire ways that ensure that you stay untouched of the gloom. But, there are ways that check that you keep throwing away all the pessimism that comes your way.

And that is what we will discuss here. So, let’s discuss the 8 handy tips to chuck out negativity and lead a happier life.

The below-mentioned tips make sure that you do not pile up negativity. But, get past it- easily and quickly.

1. Throw Away Negative Thoughts- Literally

A study conducted by Ohio University, United States, says that writing all your negative thoughts on paper, and trashing those papers can actually slash negativity.

So, what does it cost? Why not try it right away?

Take a pen and a piece of paper. Jot down all your negativity. Be as raw as possible. No one is going to judge you. No one is going to offer the advises that you do not want to hear. And it, in no way, is going to worsen the situation.

It’s between you and the piece of paper. Write it down. Ball the paper. And toss it into trash.

That’s it. Your job’s done. Feel better?

2. Laugh Your Heart Out

Another easy and interesting way to discard all the gloom and doom is laughter.

Laughing helps reduce stress by bringing down the level of cortisol (the stress hormone). Laughter is an instant stress reliever. And, interestingly, it is contagious. Everybody wishes to laugh and they only wait for a lead. And so if you are laughing you are spreading good health and joy.

Laughing revives your energy. It makes you forget all that is bad and sad.

And that’s not it. Watch this video to know how laughing can make your life wonderful in numerous ways:

3. Watch Sitcoms, Rom-Coms, and other Light-Hearted Entertainment Pieces

We have already talked enough about the physical and mental benefits of laughing.

Now, let’s see where can you get your daily dose of laughter. Being around cool and fun friends is one way. Another great way is through watching stand up comedy shows, TV series, and movies.

Sparing 30 minutes of your everyday schedule for the purpose would do wonders. So, tonight instead of sticking to your mobile browsing through social networking sites, watch one episode of your favorite comedy show.

Comedy shows and movies not only make you laugh but also expand your area of thinking and knowledge, better your sense of humor, and turn you into an absolutely attractive person.

4. Be Surrounded by happy folks

Try to mingle and spend more time with positive people. The people who enjoy life. Who laugh generously. Who are open to adventures. And who are not crybabies.

It is not possible to have a life without issues. Not until you are dead. But, how you want to make your life is what makes the difference. You can spend it by mourning over your problems. Or you can try to move on and find out the way to happiness.

And, here, I am not asking you to spend time with the people who are emotionless as robots. But, the ones who know how to get over problems and create happy moments instead of the difficulties they encounter in life.

5. Step Out of Your Shell- Go Out And Have Fun

Do not fritter away the most important thing you’ve got in life- TIME- sticking to your couch and thinking that your life sucks. Get up. Get dressed. And step out to have fun. Hang out with your friends. Socialize with your peers.

And I do not mean you need to say ‘YES’ to every socializing opportunity like a creep. No, but go out with like minded people. The people who you think are fun. The people who you think you can learn things from.

Or you can also join hobby classes like- swimming, yoga, painting, dancing- anything that you love to do. Anything that you want to get better at. It will not only improve your confidence but also cut down the time you spend with all that negative stuff.

6. Change The Way You Speak to Yourself

Change the way you self-talk. Stop thinking that your life is drab and gloomy. Because it is not. You are making it so.

Self talks have an enormous impact on the way you think. If you’ve just lost a job. You can tell yourself any of the following two things:

This is it. That’s the end of everything. I should stop living.

That was just a job. I will try hard and get a better job, like everybody does.

The first one is easier and more intuitive.

The second one is mostly against your intuitions. But is the right way to go.

If you’ve already thought that you cannot do something, you can never give it your best. And if you embrace the second attitude, your work will reflect even more than 100% of your efforts.

7. Read! Read! Read!

Reading is another great habit that will help you steer clear of pessimism.

I love to read fiction.

And how does it help me stay positive?

It lets me travel to a whole new world. To a different country. Sometimes to a different decade or century. I learn how these completely different people perceive the everyday issues and the bigger problems. I learn how these protagonists move past all the pitfalls.

What Else?

It keeps me occupied. It makes me learn new words. It makes me learn how to be more expressive.

Besides, as Joseph Addison once said, ‘reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the brain.’

So, reading not only widens your area of thinking and knowledge but also stimulates your brain. It makes your brain healthy and active. So, in short, it improves the quality of your life.

Samiksha Kaintura

Samiksha Kaintura is presently a content writer at Edunuts. She has an insatiable thirst for reading, writing, and travelling. She has a keen interest in British classic literature. She loves to write about self-development and career guidance related topics to help people better their lives. You can follow her on Twitter. @Samiksha1712

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