How to stick to your goals when You’ve Lost motivation (Infographic)

How long did your New Year resolutions last in 2016? If they’re still intact now, you’re doing better than the majority of people – you’re among the 46% who manage to maintain those resolutions for at least six months.

But regardless of your success at that annual gesture to self-improvement, in today’s high-achievement climate you’re bound to find yourself falling behind on some project or another.

Whether it’s saving for the trip of a lifetime or taking steps to quit your job and go freelance, there will be times when the obstacles seem insurmountable and you begin to doubt your ability and your need to succeed.

First off, don’t be tough on yourself. Of course, it takes talent and discipline to succeed, but we are not robots – and judging ourselves against the achievements of others is rarely productive.

If you’re struggling, re-assess your projects against the SMART matrix: pursue a maximum of three goals at once, and ensure each is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.

Clarity in what you want to do and how you intend to do it can help determine whether you should commit to continuing, or honour those doubts and postpone a particular project for another time.

If you decide to press ahead, don’t do it alone. Try to find a mentor to guide you, or at least share your plans with someone close to you for support and encouragement. Whether you can identify such a person or not, you should also consider some artificial assistance – the Habitforge app, for example, can help you manage the steps ahead of you towards your goal.

You can also find a few words of advice in this encouraging new infographic, which guides you away from your doubts towards tools for success – and comes with the important reminder that even to fail is to learn.

Checkout this awesome infographic created by CashNetUSA on “How To Stick To Your Goals When You’ve Lost Motivation“.


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