importance of dreams and symbols

Importance of Common Dreams and Symbols in Your Daily Lives

importance of dreams and symbols

People have different interpretations of dreams and also have different ways in reacting to them. There are those who vividly remember their dreams and eagerly share them to others. There are also those who wake up without remembering any dream at all.

There are no scientific links to dreams and the possibility that the exact scenario could happen. However, it is still important to note that in one way or another, our dreams affect us and how we make decisions in life. Check out the importance of dreams and symbols in your life.

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Importance of Dreams and Symbols

1. Making important decisions

There are different types of dreams. Some are really happy dreams- one where people are seemingly in a paradise where everything is perfect.

Then, there are nightmares. Some people even wake up from their sleep the moment they start having nightmares. For instance, there are those who have dreamt that they are on a crashing plane and wake up right at the moment the plane has crashed.

As a result, they decide to cancel their travel plans. It is a way of telling them that something could go wrong during the trip and that they should not push through with it.

There are others who have luckily found someone to share the rest of their lives with on their dreams. Usually, though, they can’t remember how the person looks like. Nevertheless, it has inspired them to continue looking for love no matter how difficult the journey is.

Most of all, there are those who suddenly remember the importance of special people in their lives. For instance, in their dreams, someone has died.

If this happens, people usually call up the person involved in their dreams just to tell them how much they are loved.

In short, behaviors and decisions may change simply because of dreams.

2. Sharing Dreams to Others

There are also different beliefs when it comes to sharing dreams. There are those who think that letting others know their dreams, especially if they are good ones, will spoil the dream and won’t turn them into a reality. There are those who think otherwise.

The moment they start living their dream in the real world, it gets closer to reality. For nightmares, though, most people tend to share it with others.

There is a deep sense of anxiety felt that most people could not bear keeping everything to themselves. Some others would even go further and seek help from a dream analyzer to interpret their dreams.

There are other cultures, which have weirder beliefs. For instance, those who have dreamt about losing their teeth would be told to bite a tree when they wake up.

This is meant to reverse the negative effects of the dreams. There are others who think that dreams are an opposite reflection of reality.

Therefore, if for an instance you have dreamt of you being involved in an accident, in reality, it could mean that you will experience something good. There are also numbers appearing in dreams which are used by people to bet on the lottery for good luck.

3. Let Dreams be Our Guide

Again, it is important to note that there really is no scientific evidence linking dreams to reality. However, there is nothing wrong to believe in dreams.

As long as we use these dreams to do better in life and be a better person, it should do no harm. Bad dreams won’t necessarily mean something bad will happen to us. It only means that we might be suffering from too much stress and anxiety in our lives.

Perhaps, you can take a break and give yourself a chance to heal. If your dreams are good, it should inspire you to make the most out of life.

It means that you have to keep doing good to others or perhaps pursue the love of your life. Anything can happen. The most important thing is that we let dreams be our guide to a better future.

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