new year resolutions for 2017

8 New Year Resolutions to Make in 2017

Well, here it is – 2017 at last. 2016 had its share of laughter and horror, but then that is with every year that happens. Some resolutions may have come true in 2016, while others never had a chance to see the light.

Still, what matters is that we hold on to them and see if we can carry them on into next year.

If you think some of the things you would like to do for 2017 is to watch more movies, play video games, and have a ball with your friends at nightclubs, you are seriously not thinking straight.

While it is not a crime to have fun once in a while, there are a lot more productive things you can do with your life.

That is what we hope to share with you with our list of New Year resolutions. In the time we live in where there the poor keep getting poorer, the rich getting richer, and wars and conflicts on the rise; it is high time we played our part and give back to the planet.

New Year Resolutions for 2017

1. Set The Right Goals

Everyone has something that they want to achieve in life. However, not everything you put on paper can be achievable.

There are plenty of factors that go into making those goals a reality, like mentally, physically and financially. Your goals have to be a stretch, but also achievable.

For example, if you wanted to lose about 32 pounds in 6 months, it would not be unachievable, but it would be a stretch.

The point here is that you should not set up goals that hardly require any effort for you to acquire them. Also, don’t try to set goals that are just impossible to achieve like flying without wings and such.

2. Make A Plan To Achieve Your Goals

Having a goal is not enough for you to start opting for it. You have to plan on how you are going to approach it. There are quite a lot of people who put up goals, even those that are achievable, move in without a plan to try and get there – but never do.

You can’t have one approach to a goal and roll with it because it’s just not practical. Let’s say if you want to develop a new app in 2017, you can’t do so without accounting for the time, money and effort required to make it.

3. Spend A Lot More Time In Meaningful Conversations

It isn’t wrong to sit down among friends and family to talk about the latest episode of our favorite sitcom, celebrity news, or even joking around. But too often there are times we find ourselves in these simple conversations that we don’t dare to go deeper.

As in conversations that challenge us intellectually, socially and spiritually. We must never forget to open up to things that help build our character and test our potential as capable human beings.

4. Partake More In Charitable Stuff

Why can’t we be willing to give more who are less fortunate than us in this world? Perhaps we are too enticed by all the glamor and lore of the digital world like social media and the internet that we have just grown beyond care and that is not far off.

As we rejoice, many people in war-struck areas like Syria, Libya, and Iraq face the agonizing tyranny of terror groups and government-backed rebel forces.

As a result, millions of families, especially children end up becoming homeless or destitute.

It’s time to band together as human beings and aid the ones affected by the evil spells of famine and warfare by partaking in charity and fundraising organizations dedicated to these victims.

That is one of the best resolutions to look forward to in 2017 – humanity.

5. Complain Less And Do More

One of the more common things that we tend to do in the world when we see something terrible arise is complain.

We see something controversial arise from the side of the government, the church, new concepts that conflict on moral grounds with traditional ones and all we do is vent out our frustrations.

Seldom do we do anything physical to counter those flaws and that is something that we must strive for more in 2017.

Complaining on social media will only provide you with a momentarily relief, it won’t fix things on the fly. If we are to patch the many problems the world faces today, we need to act now.

 6. Seek Out New Ambition

Change is sometimes necessary if you wish to pursue new things to do in life. It also applies to artists, authors or other creative individuals whose primary task is to innovate.

Perhaps you are into cooking, skiing, drawing or something else you had never known to appreciate.

Therefore, you must make the time to seek out your means of inspiration. You just schedule the time to do those activities instead of waiting around and thinking about them.

Try your hand at all those things, even the ones that you think aren’t your cup of tea.

7. Keep Worries At Bay

Never worry about problems. If anything, it will only escalate your stress levels. Hence, you should take the time to exercise your mind into becoming less paranoid.

See a psychiatrist to get some help or even a family member or a friend whom you confide in with all your heart.


8. Pray More

Atheists may get a laugh or so out of this, but praying is like yoga; something that unlocks your inner spiritual self to keep evil thoughts and whispers at bay.

As a matter of fact, praying is the only means of seeking refuge in the one who gave us life on earth and staying on the righteous and just path.

Often times, we let it slip that this is His world that we live in and take for granted by not praying and engaging in things that He told us to keep away from like alcohol, drugs and other forms of immoral acts.

All of those things end up destroying us both inside and out.

Praying just a bit won’t help; we need to pray daily and read up on the guidance and instructions of our prophets to help us become more righteous individuals as intended by God Himself.

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