how to work on autopilot

How to Work on Autopilot: 5 Steps to Productive Genius

how to work on autopilot

It is very easy for us to fail the productivity discipline today because of work requirements and inability to manage the time that often leads to just 5-6 hours of sleep.

In some cases, people try to be hyper-productive and end up with the same results from all that rush to always check email, make calls, running errands, and organizing something.

We all have been there. In our society, staying busy means that you are working hard to achieve something great and be successful despite the challenges of time, effort, and even health.

However, the outcome of staying busy is not always the one desired plus the pressure on the health might also lead to something unwanted.

Staying busy and achieving great results should not mean that you must work hard to get where you want. If you have searched the net for some personal productivity tools, you have probably discovered tons of them; some claim to increase your performance while others try to focus you on the most important errands to make you achieve more and change the working environment.

While all this sound good, we often do not need all the apps and tools to be productive and avoid stress. A few but properly used apps can bring more benefits than thousands because focusing on one is better than trying thousands.

In addition, effective task management and positive attitude are the keys to better productivity both in personal and professional life.

Stay with us because we are going to show you what it takes to be productive and avoid negative consequences associated with being a workaholic.

How to Work on Autopilot

Tip 1. Use the technology to get the thoughts out of your head.

In the beginning, we said that you do not have many apps to achieve great performance and only a few of them could be the best option.

We are staying true to our words and invite you to use Asana or Wunderlist to get the thoughts out of your head. These are the apps that help to stick to the schedule without any worries because they can remind you of the errands that you need to run, at the right time.

For example, if you have too many things to do next week, enter these data into these applications and stop worrying that you forget about them when the time comes. This would allow you to concentrate on the other stuff and get the thoughts about many tasks out of your head.

Even you can take your online business to the next level by using Shopify, they provide the platform where you can easily avalanche your online business or you could easily do your online shopping at one click without any hassle.

Tip 2. Stop multitasking

Doing more than one thing seems like a great ability because it allows achieving more in the same timeframe. You have probably tried this amazing life hack before, right?

Well, if you continue to multitask now, it’s better to stop. It doesn’t work. According to this article from Money Magazine, studies have shown that multitasking actually is not that great at increasing productivity because it hurts more than it helps.

Specifically, the person who tries to do many things at once generally loses focus, which leads to poor performance. Simply said, multitasking does not work and when you try to do it, you usually end up wasting the precious time.

It is better to work on one thing and give all attention to it rather than try to get everything done at once; moreover, you will experience less pressure.

Tip 3. Listen to Music

You probably did not see this one coming but it is a great way to be more productive. Although some people in your office might think of you as an antisocial person, they will find out and try this for themselves.

When working, try to listen to your favorite music through the good bass headphones. It will help to get into the zone and avoid all office distractions, such as colleagues, street noise, ringing phones, and so on. And eventually, it will also help you to get rid of the surrounding distractions.

Just concentrate on the thing you do and enjoy the tunes you lost the most to make the process enjoyable. In the end, you colleagues will perceive it as a signal that you prefer to work undisturbed. Here is the list of the best sounds for getting more work done.

Tip 4. Take Regular but Short Breaks

If you feel that the work is overwhelming you, taking a break is a good idea. Whether it is a simple walk around the block or a quick run to a nearby coffee house to get a cup of hot coffee, short breaks are perfect to get your mind out of the work.

According to recent studies, the working day should not exceed 10 hours per day because at a certain point out mind simply cannot be productive anymore.

Taking short breaks is also a mandatory condition because of this reason as well. To ensure the best productivity of employees, many companies provide a variety of distractions, such as coffee machine inside the office or basketball court in the yard.

For example, some employees  enjoy table tennis in the breakout space of the office, the benefits of which are described in this article.

Tip 5. Delegate Responsibilities to Others

All great leaders delegate their tasks and responsibilities to other people, why shouldn’t you? Delegating and outsourcing go hand in hand with great productivity because they allow finding the people most suitable for the job.

As described in this Entrepreneur article, there are lots of benefits that come with delegating responsibilities that are recognized by leaders around the world. It also decreases the number of working hours for you, thus allowing you to get more rest when possible.

In the end, you will discover that you can do less but achieve more by mastering the art of effective delegation that allows you to spend some time working on autopilot while delivering good results.


Work smarter, not harder – this is the whole idea behind the tips described in this article. Nowadays, we get so caught up a business that we forget how to have fun and find pleasure in what we are doing.

There are, however, many things that we can try to stay productive and avoid spending a lot of effort on the daily workplace tasks. Even though these actions do not take much of your effort, they have a huge payoff in the form of better productivity and less efforts.

What we really want you to do is just pick one or two of the tips listed in this article, try implementing it, and see what happens. If they work for you and you feel that you mastered them, it would be awesome if you could incorporate them into your work routine to become a productive genius.

If they work for you and you feel that you mastered them, it would be awesome if you could incorporate them into your work routine to become a productive genius.

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