productivity app for 2016

productivity app for 2016

In order to be productive, you must be aware of the distractions that surround you. In fact, that’s not enough. If you want to reach high levels of productivity, you must do what’s necessary in order to stop those harmful distractions.

Let me give you an example. I’m talking about those moments when you’re so ready to start an important task, but then your browser pops up a Facebook notification. 90% of the times you’ll open the notification because that’s why they put it there, so you engage. That, my friend, is a distraction.

In this article, you’ll find some of the most helpful productivity apps on Google Chrome Browser, and also on Android devices. We use our phones all the time, but do we use it for good purposes?

You can make a choice here. Installing great apps which purpose is to help you stay organized, focused, and allow you to perform quick actions, or waste time playing games.

Today, I’ve compiled a list of productivity apps which I believe to be very useful mostly for anyone who uses a computer and an internet connection in order to make a living, and not only.

It’s also designed for the everyday user, so you can’t fail here. We will also talk about few interesting Android device apps meant for boosting productivity.

5 Google Chrome Browser Extension Apps (that Boost Productivity)

1. Google Dictionary – I often encounter this time-wasting problem. I have to look up words that I don’t recognize. That means opening a new tab with an online dictionary, copy-pasting the word, and searching for it.

What if you could just see the meaning of the word by just pointing your cursor towards that word? That’s what Google Dictionary does for you. By double-clicking any word, a pop-up bubble will show up with the definition. If you want the full definition, you can press “more”. Complete time-saver.

By double-clicking any word, a pop-up bubble will show up with the definition. If you want the full definition, you can press “more”. Complete time-saver.

2. SidenotesA great browser extension which allows you to write notes directly on your browser. The traditional way was opening a desktop/windows app and noting down, then alt-tabbing again and again.

Sidenotes app creates a small box on the top right of your browser, and gives you simple tools to note down your thoughts, links, and ideas. This app keeps you more organized and never lets anything slip from you while browsing the web.

3. Just Not SorryThis is a G-mail integrated plugin designed to fill up the mistakes you make in your e-mails. When there are a lot of e-mails waiting, you may become sloppy and therefore unprofessional.

This app warns you whenever you use words that might damage the meaning of your e-mail. For instance, if you use the word “I” too much, it warns you that focusing too much on “I” and too less on “you” might dilute the message, and make it seem selfish.

There are so many professional corrections that will show you what mistakes to avoid. If you care about your results and reputation, get this app!

4. Strict WorkflowEver heard of Pomodoro technique? In two words, you work chunks of 25 minutes continuously without distractions, followed by a five minutes break. And so on. That number is there for a purpose: your mind perceives it as “oh, only 25 minutes, I can do that”

More than that, it doesn’t allow you to access distracting websites like Facebook. Whenever you try to open them, this app tells you to get back to work and only then enjoy the 5 minutes break on Facebook.

5. Flash TabsThis extension is about gathering and processing your ideas and information. If you’re a student or an entrepreneur, or even a writer…you should let this extension help you plan carefully whatever you’re about to create.

The great thing about the app: it enables you to create “flashcards”, a“piece of paper” where you write your main ideas. Following those ideas, you can create new tabs and expand them into comprehensive plans and outlines.

5 Android Apps (that Boost Productivity)

1. AirDroidYour phone keeps ringing, text messages keep coming, and you can’t focus on your PC task. Install this app and see your phone calls and notifications on your desktop, and even lets you answer them with your keyboard.

Install it on both your PC and Android device, and never let your phone distract you again.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop Your phone or tablet can’t hold so many folders and documents. That’s what a PC does. Now you have the chance to remotely control your PC using your Android device.

This app lets you open folders, move files, watch videos, or even play some games on your own PC, all securely through your phone.

3. SwiftKeyIf you’re looking for a better typing experience, this is the app. First of all, it offers a great space between letters and allows you to type more correctly.

But what makes it absolutely useful is the fact that it remembers your writing habits, and predicts words you’re about to type. Install SwiftKey, and you can spend less time typing your messages or notes, and more time on thinking what to write next.

4. CamScannerEasiest and quickest way to scan important documents. This android app is the first application which can successfully replace a normal scanner. Why use a scanner if you can do it with your phone, and then immediately send it to your contacts or printer? This one is good if you’re traveling, or don’t have a document scanner at hand.

5. PocketAs the name suggests, this app lets you bookmark pages you want to watch later. The amazing feature is that it also saves the videos or articles, so you can watch it later in offline mode.


Most of these apps are free to download, so there’s nothing holding you back from getting them. I don’t recommend installing all of them at once.

Choose three or four apps that you think that might improve your productivity is your best choice for the start. Explore and master them, create new habits around them, and then, and only then, add more.

Productivity is a journey, not a destination or a goal. You must strive to be productive each day, and that is possible only if you stay focused and organized.

Do yourself a favor and let technology help you. Start personalizing your devices and improve your day by day productivity now!

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