dream killers

Getting closer to your dream is a challenge.

But we all know that it’s worth to follow our dreams. It’s our dreams and fantasies that render our daily lives more exciting, engaging, and meaningful.

If you have a dream and you aren’t hiding it from other people, chances are that you’ll stumble upon dream killers.

Dream killers might easily reduce your motivation and enthusiasm for achieving your dream, preventing you from making your life satisfying.

Dream killers might be people surrounding you, such as your friends, family, or supervisors. But that’s not everything. Fears, exhaustion, or failures of the past might kill your dreams as well.

Here are 5 terrible dream killers together with tips to help you reduce their impact on your drive to success.

1. Family

Sometimes dream killers can be found inside your closest family.

We don’t choose the family we’re born into. Unfortunately, many people find their family members unwilling to support their dreams.

That’s especially true for younger members of the family who often suffer from this lack of support, experiencing ridicule from older siblings.

Your family members might question your dream because they’re jealous or because they regret not having taken that risk in their own lives.

In either case, you need to remove their painful words from your mind. Once you identify the members of your close family or other relatives who openly question your dream and stress you out, you can start taking their comments with a grain of salt.

Commit to your dream. Don’t let others crush your aspirations. You’ll show them that you can get close to your dream in due time.

2. Friends

You might find dream killers among your friends as well.

It’s important that you learn how to manage them before they become dangerous to be around.

Friends like to give out advice. But sometimes it’s smarter to ignore it, choosing instead to focus on your vision. However, it’s not easy to tell which comments stem from genuine concern, and which originate from jealousy.

Look at your friends. Has any of them ever shown the negative attitude towards your dream? Maybe one person in your circle is going through a tough time and won’t hesitate to spread their negative mindset?

You should avoid these people. It’s in your interest to do that – research shows that the company we keep has a critical impact on our performance.

And you need high performance – it’s what gets you closer to your dream.

3. Colleagues and Supervisors

Your colleagues and bosses might feel threatened by your vision. Consequently, they might actively prevent you from reaching your goals.

How to tell if your supervisor might become problematic after you share your dream with them?

They might feel as if they were losing control over your talent. If you confide in them, you might help them regain confidence.

Have an honest conversation and communicate that getting close to your dream doesn’t mean you’re looking for a way to put their status into question.

If your bosses or colleagues are desperate not to let you go from the workplace, they might tempt you to stay with a variety of interesting offers.

You need to resist them and keep your sight on your goal.

4. Failures of the past

Dream killers aren’t only people who surround you in your life.

A powerful dream killer is the lack of confidence coming from past mistakes and failures.

All winners lose at some point. In fact, failure is often the catalyst to success. Failing, you get to learn a powerful lesson. Instead of being ashamed of it, you should treat it as a learning opportunity that ultimately gets you closer to your dream.

You need to stop thinking about your past failures. They don’t define who you are today and so shouldn’t pose limitations on what you can do.

Embrace failure as a part of the process and you’ll find strength to realizing your goal.

How to make peace with failure? Here are a couple of things you should try:

  • Don’t consider your failure in personal terms. It doesn’t define who you are.

  • Analyze your failure and take a lesson from it. Be curious and adapt your next course of action to the insights from your failure.

  • Stop looking for approval from other people. Only one opinion counts, and it’s yours.

  • Don’t dwell on your failures. It’s not worth to obsess over what you could have done better or imagine what would have happened if you had acted differently. Since time machines aren’t on the market yet, there’s no way to correct your mistake.

  • Distance yourself from your approach to failing. You need to realize that the way you interpret failure is influenced by your upbringing. It’s like a habit of thought. And with a little bit of effort, habits can be broken.

5. Fears

Fear is probably the most powerful dream killer out there.

There’s a reason why not everyone is able to succeed. Very often it’s their fears that hold them back from realizing their potential and achieving their dreams.

If you allow fear to take over your mind, you’ll find it hard to keep yourself on the right track.

The world is full of negative emotions. It can be frustration, helplessness, or exhaustion. The point of persistence and determination is not to give in and soldier on.

If you let your fears cover your vision, you’ll become blind to your dreams. Many people forget their childhood dreams when they become adults because they’re afraid of making mistakes and failing.

Fear won’t lead you to success because it’s bound to prevent you from taking risks.

And without risk, there’s no prize. You need to risk a little in order to get closer to your dream.

But you know that your dream is worth it, right? Let go of your fear. Find the courage inside you. Remember that you’ve got only one life to live. So make the most out of every second. Make sure that it brings you closer to your goal.

If you don’t take a chance today, you’re likely to regret it tomorrow.

Key takeaway

Keep on chasing your dream even if you fall victim to one of these dream killers.

Take control and eliminate dream killers from your path. Even if you lose your motivation from time to time, you need to stick to your goals.

That’s how you get closer to making your dream reality.


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