How to Overcome the Loneliness and Restart Your Life

The source of your loneliness may be the fact that you have been left by someone due to a breakup, death or a move. Perhaps, a set of circumstances in life has led you to retreat into yourself. Whichever it may be, you need to find a way to break loose. It is never too late, no matter how you feel. Check out the top 6 ways that will show you how to overcome the loneliness and restart your life.

How to Overcome the Loneliness and Restart Your Life

1. Recognize your loneliness

If you spend most of your days alone, or at least you wish you did, it means that you are lonely. Loneliness is not only the absence of company but it is also the feeling of not belonging, not being fulfilled by social interactions and not having true companionship in any sense. Try to establish the reason behind it. It is important to face the issue before you can tackle it. The usual reasons are holding onto the past, a fear of rejection and generally a low self-esteem. It is quite similar to a rotten tooth, until you know which one it is, you feel like your whole jaw is aching. Once you target the issue, you need to convince yourself that you are a worthy person. If you cannot do it, I will, because everyone is worthy of feeling good.

2. Get to know yourself

When you know what the real problem is, you will be able to distinguish between the problem and you as a person. If you need to, come up with a list, or even a journal to help you with your inner struggles. Write your character trades, leave out your flaws at this point as you are probably not going to be too kind on yourself. Another part of the list should include your interests. Get to know yourself. Try to see what your interests say about you. Do you have a strong analytic mind? Do you care about people’s destinies? These are all things telling you something about you. Work on your interests. Indulge yourself and dedicates some time to the things you care about. Read, learn and do. This will help you feel good as you will feed one part of your personality with positive energy.

3. Get a pet

While you are getting ready for your huge break-through, you can battle the basic feeling of loneliness by having a friendly face waiting for you at home. Get a pet. You can, of course, choose whichever one you like. However, I would suggest sticking to a dog or a cat as you need something you can interact with and something that is likely to be friendly and less moody. A pet will keep you company while you spend time improving yourself. If you get a dog, you can take it for walks and it may even be a good conversation starter with other keen dog-owners.

4. Talk to people and share your interests

Now that you have started enjoying your own company and the company of your pet, you need to get yourself out there to overcome loneliness. Speak to similar people. The Internet has opened many windows of opportunities. You can use it to get to people you think share similar interests. Use it to find people and places where you can talk about art, cars, movies, history, books or whatever it is you find intriguing. Invest some effort in it and get yourself out in real life. Go to a book club, take up a sport or find a volunteering activity. Your presence there will be perfectly justifiable and satisfactory. You will be surrounded by people who enjoy the same things you do and you will have plenty of things to talk about, as well as things you are interested in hearing.

5. Fight fear of rejection

Determine what it is that makes you likable. By doing so, you will realize you actually are likable. Now, the same way you are not crazy about everyone around you, know that not everyone will be crazy about you. The important thing here is that it is completely natural. Certain people’s appearance and attitude reject you from even approaching them. Other people, seem nice at first but prove to be a bad match on a later acquaintance. If you mind your manners, people will watch theirs and you won’t be able to feel the subtle rejections. The most important thing you need to bear in mind is that we are all equal, regardless of our position in life. Do not think less of yourself and do not perceive people as better than you. This can also work vice versa. Do not think yourself better than anyone else, they will be able to recognize it and no one likes to be put down. We are all equal but simply different.

6. Let bygones be bygones

Wherever you manage to fit this step, at a very beginning or as a final conquest, try to get rid of everything which reminds you of the past or your solitude. This particularly refers to those stuck clinging to the past. Throw things out as you see fit. Do not push yourself too hard but set a deadline and make sure everything is out by due date. If you get everything out before you are ready you may have a whole new emotional issue to deal with and you do not need it right now.

Bottom Line

I may be an escapist but I try to list the positives and have them pull me out of every bad spot. If you still feel like you are not getting anywhere and your burden is too heavy, please reach out and find people ready to listen. Do not give up on yourself and the world will not give up on you.


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