7 things successful network marketer should do

So many people shy away from network marketing because there’s always some kind of misunderstanding about what this actually means. Some say that the success rates are low. Some say that it’s too demanding or hard. But network marketing isn’t more likely to fail than any other type of business is.

There may be a lot of work involved but for any business to be successful, you have to put in the effort.

Another common issue is that people often don’t see the network marketing business as a real business. For them, it’s not a franchise or a practice. But that’s a mistake – network marketing should be treated as a business that it is.

People who do this actually earn a 7 figure income and it’s not just a dream for them. And even though those successful people keep sharing their secrets openly, network marketing businessmen who earn way less fail to listen. They always say that you should just stay focused and keep working hard – showing up, committing, talking to people.

Maybe you have heard these tips – but you could never quite understand why these people are more successful than you are.

Successful Network Marketer Should Do

1. Provide Value

Money follows value. It’s that simple and that complex. Customers are never attracted to your sales pitches or marketing efforts but to the value. They want to join the teams who provide this.

Now, providing value doesn’t mean that you should share your links or constantly talk about the features that your product has – it’s not even about providing the opportunity. It’s about having a true, genuine interest to help those people no matter if it leads to a sale in the future or not.

If you keep putting out value – in content, product or services – your customers will keep coming back for more. They will slowly begin to know you, understand you and like you more. Most importantly, they will learn to trust you.

When the time is right, this trust will result in a conversion without you even moving a muscle. Isn’t this an easier – if slower – way to build?

So, rather than trying to shove your website down your followers’ throats, try sharing something that would be meaningful and valuable for them. For instance, share a quote that helped you change your life or an experience that could show them how to overcome something. Share an article that would matter in their lives or some kind of helpful material.

This is what those top earners do – they put out value and people flock to them even without knowing much about their company or opportunity. While this may be slow at the beginning, you’ll be able to get tens or hundreds of leads a day – just like that, just by sharing something helpful.

To get started with this, use the ILT method:

  • Invest in yourself
  • Learn something of value to you and others.
  • Teach it to your audience.

2. Act Like a Leader and Meet Others Like You

Network Marketing demands the kind of leadership that focuses mostly on serving and lifting others up – no selfish intentions or agendas. It means that your mission should be to help others build themselves up.

Some would say it’s the ultimate form of leadership.

You have to be a leader. Other people can’t do it for you. You can’t be a passive observer in the network marketing business. So, if your team is to have a weekly presentation, this doesn’t mean that you should just wait for it to present your product or your opportunity. Be proactive, set some smaller meetings during the week and invite your new sign-ups to the presentation. If you do this, you’ll have more people there in the main presentation. If there are no events in your area at the moment, be a leader and make one happen.

Be a leader, bring and build other leaders to your team. Maybe not everyone you meet will become a member and not everyone who joins will do something but you always need to be sorting and adapting your actions based on that. Reward those who produce, who show some initiative. Give them your time. This will motivate them and move them forward.

3. Build A Team Mindset

The best Network Marketers understand that in order to be successful, they need a team that believes in their vision as well. With a good team, you’ll get to your goal faster and easier. This is what network marketing is based on – leverage all of the efforts of the team and reap the rewards.

“You need to help your team, build them up – teach them how to learn and grow. This is the only way to become a top earner. Success is something you can only reach with a team. As they say, the fastest way to earn a lot of money is by helping others earn a lot of money”, – says Adam Fey, a network marketer from 1Day2write and Originwritings.

4. Create A Good Daily Routine

Your daily routine is something that can have a huge impact on your success. Top earners know this and they do their best to always maintain a productive and effective daily routine. The daily routine isn’t something that you should use to impress other people or brag about. It’s just a useful tool that you will have to use for months or years to come in order to be successful.

5. Attend Events

“Top earners always attend their company events. You too should commit to attending each event that your company hosts. The more events you visit, the more people you meet, the more you learn and the more you reach. Learn from other people, feed on the energy at these events and you’ll come back ready to earn more”, – says Jordan Amareti, a tech blogger at Writemyx.

6. Work On Personal Development

You will never be able to develop your business if you don’t work on yourself. Rarely anyone is a born winner. People who are the most successful in network marketing are usually just regular people – but people who never stopped learning and growing. Understand how important this is and work on yourself in every aspect. Find the time and just do it.

7. Prioritize Activities Which Bring You Profit

This is another thing successful network marketers do. They never waste time on things that don’t result in profit. For instance, don’t focus on people who are in your team but not producing. Focus on those who are constantly putting out great results. Give them your time. Just like that, focus on other activities that will actually turn into profit.

8. Network Marketing as A Way To Succeed

Network marketing involves a lot of effort in every aspect of your life. But your dreams of being a top earner could come true if you just listen to the wise advice of the most successful network marketers. Hopefully, this list will open your eyes and help you grow.


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