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About Me

Hey all!! Welcome to Calling Dreams.

My name is Vishnu Verma and I’m the founder of Calling Dreams. Back in my college days, I always liked reading about the success stories of entrepreneurs, motivational quotes, life lessons and articles on self-development.

I just loved to dig deep into the lives of famous celebrities, entrepreneurs, and life coaches who have already achieved massive success in life. And that inspires me a lot to work and grind even harder for my dreams.

So I created this website to share with you all the motivational stuff I’ve been reading and to help you in improving your life in any way I can.

I want to live a better life, I want you to live a life that you always desired. Because we are not here just to pay our bills and die!

About You(the Dreamers)

You must be wondering, why I’ve included about you section in about me page?

Well, because this website is all about helping you in improving your life and achieving all the dreams that you always wanted. That’s why you and I together are going to call our dreams(Calling our Dreams).

My main motive of running this website is to inspire you to stand out from the mediocrity, to help you in living your life to the full potential and becoming the better person every day.

And I’m taking the responsibility of that. I honestly believe that inspiring and helping other is the only way to live a meaningful life and with this website I’m privileged to serve you.

Let Us Be Friends

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Email Queries and Help!

If you have any query regarding this website, guest posting, advertisement or if you just want to drop by and say hello, then feel free to do that! I always love to connect with my readers. I’m reachable at- vishnuverma48@gmail.com

I reply to every email, please don’t hesitate to ask anything.

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That’s all from my side, till then keep hustling and keep calling your dreams.


Vishnu Verma