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Let us collaborate and grow together!

We are getting a lot of requests regarding the collaboration with Calling Dreams.

Our traffic is organic traffic with 80% coming from the U.S.A, 8.5% From U.K & Canada and the additional 12% from all over the world.

With 50+ writers and over 1,00,000 monthly page views, Calling Dreams is the great place to market your brand. Here are the things we offer:

1. Sponsored Posts for the Brands.

We accept sponsored posts, in which you will be given one do-follow backlink directly to your money website. You need to provide me with the relevant content and images for that.

2. Promote Your Mobile Application or Blog.

There are huge numbers of mobile applications which are developed on the daily basis. If your mobile app is based on Motivation, productivity or related to self-development niche we can help you in promoting that.

3. Promote Your Infographics/Videos.

We can promote your infographics or videos which should be related to our niche. Let us know, how we can give the maximum exposure to your brand.

4. Ad Space

We also offer direct ad space to ensure that your brand gets the maximum exposure. We can provide:

– Large Ad (728×90)*
– Skyscraper Ad (160×600)*
– Rectangle Ad (300×250)*
– Wide Ad (990×75)*
– Ad Button (125×125)*
– Background Ad*
– Pop-Up Ad

Kindly contact on directly to talk promotions.