“Politics is all about experience and power.”

“Politics is not a game of inexperience Candidates.”

“Common Man can’t change anything!”

11 months ago these were the few sayings of the country when Arvind Kejriwal launched Aam Aadmi Party (Party for common people), but opposition parties had no idea that almost a year old party can defeat one of the most established party of country (Congress) by a great margin.

Kejriwal’s Success in First shot attempt: Is this a Beginners Luck or Hard Work?

arvind kejriwal first shot attempt at IIT, IRS and CM of Delhi

Whether you call it beginners luck or his sheer hard work he always cracked the biggest challenges of his life in first attempt.

From clearing IIT examination, cracking UPSC (IRS Officer) and now becoming the 7th Chief Minister of Delhi, his successes throughout his life have been at first shot attempt.

Let’s Have a look on his Life from an IITian to Chief Minister

Hailing from a middle class family, he studied mechanical engineering from IIT Kharagpur. Despite having a prestigious degree from one of the top colleges of India and serving as IRS Officer, he is purely humble and an honest man who could have gone to abroad to work in private sector or could have been a part corrupt system and earned crores under the table but his vision was different.

As he resigned his job to start his own NGO named “Public Cause Research Foundation” and has won award for his Emergent Leadership.

He took up social causes and played a key role in citizens acquiring “right to information” about the issues of public from government.

Mahatma Gandhi’s quote narrates his Journey

Throughout his journey he had seen many ups and downs which were no different from Bollywood drama. I can relate his political journey with the famous Mahatma Gandhi’s Quote:

“First they Ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

First they Ignore you!

Arvind-Kejriwal: First they ignore you

To eliminate corruption from the society, he made efforts to pass jan lokpal bill along with famous social activist Anna Hazare. But the government completely ignored them and rejected their draft of jan lokpal.

His team was challenged by the congress and other political parties to join politics if they wanted to change the system to root out corruption.

Then they laugh at you!

Arvind-Kejriwal(then they laugh at you)

But Kejriwal was unstoppable finally on November 26 last year, he launched “Aam Admi Party” and plunged in politics. Many laugh at this move and underestimate his determination, on the other hand his party continued to prepare for poll way ahead in April.

Then they fight you!

Arvind-Kejriwal(then they fight you)

But politics was not “a bed of roses” for him. He protested against the hiking prices of water and electricity in Delhi, being a diabetic patient he went on fast for 15 days, he continues to fight against corruption by advising people of Delhi to quit paying water-electricity bills.

He has been beaten up a lot of times by the Delhi Police and each time more and more people come forward to support him.

Then you win!

Arvind-Kejriwal (then you win)

And the outcome of his hard work stunned the whole country. An inexperienced a year old AAP party not only won 28 out of 70 seats but also sweeps out the congress by a massive margin of 26,000 votes and became the 7th chief minister of Delhi.

Arvind Kejriwal became known face by his following activities:

Arvind Kejriwal went on Fast

  • To empower the poorest citizens of India by spreading RTI, he won Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2006.
  • He joined Anna Hazare and supported the Jan Lok Pal Bill campaign, from there he became the key person in anti corruption movement.
  • Then he started a famous movement called IAC (India Against Corruption).
  • In order to pass Jan Lokpal Bill, he fasted twice and once for 15 days.
  • Several times he has been beaten up by Laathis, got arrested and mocked at.
  • Despite life threatening warnings he continued to work for the social causes.

Was It’s Just the matter of timing?

Arvind Kejriwal current Chief Minister of Delhi

When inflation was on its peak in the country, from vegetable prices to oil price went high, a common man with his broom took a step ahead alleged the various scams of the government, from black money allegation on the industrialists to the Delhi Jal Board Scam.

Although he has taken the great advantage of the adverse situations availing in India from last several years yet his all agendas were non-profitable and were purely for the Common Man who were harassed by the corrupt ruling leaders.

Our nation has been cheated so much by the political leaders that people are hurt and are filled by the trust issues but presently AAP Government is a ray of hope for corrupt free Delhi (at least) and am sure that it will have huge impact on the other ruling parties in various states of India.

Here is the List of his some famous Sayings:

Arvind Kejriwal Famous Sayings(quotes)
Source –SantaBanta.com
  1. “You can’t afford to hate politics. The politics of this country is democracy. Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. The day people stop taking active part in the politics of this country, democracy will not survive.”
  2. “Two days back, in Dwarka rally, a poor woman donated a Rs 5 coin. The woman had a hope in her eyes – that this time, India would change! That now, their miseries would end. It brought tears to my eyes.
  3. This woman never donated a single penny to Congress or BJP. Her Rs 5 donation is far more superior to us than even a Rs 5 crore donation from a Tata or Ambani. It contains her hopes and blessings.
  4. “It is sad that Congress cud not find any person from crore people to lead the party. They had to fall back upon the same family.”

Quotes Source- quora.com

This article of mine reflects Arvind Kejriwal’s journey, how a common man who was fed up our corrupt system stand out alone to fight! He is truly an inspiration for the country, it’s his determination and dedication to make bribe free system which leads him to the Chair of Chief Minister.

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  1. Hello Vishnu, This article is really good one. You defined the Kejriwal’s journey in a very inspiring way. You not only pointed out his successes but also told what he has gone through. The picture December 2012 and 2013 with police around Mr. Kejriwal – no words for that.
    I am really looking forward for a similar kind of change in the entire country. 🙂

    • Hey Manpreet thank you…
      I’m glad that you liked this post 🙂
      And yes we too can bring the desired changes and our blogs are one medium to do so, therefore write constructive, write better!
      Let me know if you need any kind of help.
      Good Luck!

  2. Understand Sri Amith Sha is personally taking care of the Delhi elections due to the fact that AAP is already a force to recon with in Delhi. The ensuing battle will be watched by the media and people around the world with equal interest. A battle of Modi’s enigma and Arvind Kejriwal’s sincerity of driving corruption from the political system of this country will be the mother of all political battles of India.. Being an AAP follower myself, I hope AAP will make its root in a place where it saw its first rays of hopes.

  3. AK is ready but are you? He has been decisive, unilke the others like Bedi and Anna. He will deliver. He has already made his solutions known to all. Gram Sabhas will decide the self developments in the villages and a similar set up will address the self development in towns and cities. The members of these sabhas will use the power, responsibility and funds to address the issues and problems, not the ministers and MLAs. If a road/temple/school/playground/bus shelter/ needs to be made the sabha will decide and outsource it to to the contractors. The contractors will be paid by the sabha, not by the corrupt municipalities. They wiil be accountable for the work done. If the work is not good or sloppy, there will be no payment. so far as issues of national security and foreign affairs is concerned arrangements will be made so that these are formulated accordingly.


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