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inspirational instagram captions

Top 50 Inspirational Instagram Captions

What makes Instagram so popular? Have you wondered about that? Is it the technology? Sure, the constant updates, great filters, and ease of use...
the alchemist quotes, quotes from the alchemist, the alchemist, lessons learned from the alchemist, paulo coheleo alchemist

13 Lessons I’ve Learned From Paulo Coheleo’s Book “The Alchemist”

Do you spend time alone, gazing at the never ending traffic from the window or sometimes you might spend looking at the stars in...
mateusz m videos, motivational videos by mateusz m

The Best Motivational Videos by Mateusz M That Will Inspire You

In life, we often get depressed, everyone has some lowest point in their lives and at that time, we often tend to quit. We...
Motivational Books For Women

7 Motivational Books For Women [And by Women] That (Really!) Make Sense

Let's face it: Motivation, productivity, mindfulness, well-being... These life categories are under the media spotlight right now, and hundreds – if not thousands – bloggers...
best motivational speakers in 2017

Top 10 Motivational Speakers in the World in 2017

Each and every one of us has struggled to find motivation at some point in our lives, whether it's regarding our job, education, or...
follow your dreams, reasons to follow your dreams

Top 12 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

Dreams! We do talk a lot about them. After all, we all are dreamers. You too have always loved watching and cherishing them and you've...
michael phelps net worth

Michael Phelps Net Worth

Michael Phelps Net Worth: $55 million Source of Wealth: Professional Swimmer, Olympic Winner Date of Birth: June 30th, 1985 Nationality: United States of America Last Updated: December 2017   Introduction Success is never...

10 Motivational TV Advertisement (Hindi) to Empower your Daily Routine

Fed up of reading motivational books and watching videos? Are looking for some interesting motivational stuff? Don’t worry we have the collection of the most...

31 Inspiring Quotes That Will Boost Your Self Belief Once Again

I know it's tough. Being positive, enthusiastic all the time and keep on doing the same work repeatedly over and over again even if the...
why your brain stops you from exercising

Why Your Brain Stops You from Exercising

Have you ever wonder why some people go to the gym, how do they motivate themselves to get off the couch? Well, for a...
how to overcome procrastination

How to Overcome Procrastination? Start Using These 10 Simple Steps

Are you a hopeless procrastinator? If your answer is yes, then you belong to the 20% of the population that has a problem with...
lessons from gary vaynerchuck, gary vaynerchuck quotes

Seven Things That Gary Vaynerchuk Said That Made Me To Do What I Love

  I've listened it like zillion of times that "Do what you love." Since childhood, I'm hearing it from my parents, from teachers in my...
The Magical Numbers: 4 Seconds, 72 Hours and 21 Days

The Magical Numbers: 4 Seconds, 72 Hours and 21 Days

“If you work hard enough, assert yourself, and use your mind and imagination, you can shape the world to your desires.”  - Malcolm Gladwell,...
Inspiring quotes by iconic indians, wisdom quotes by Indians, inspiring quotes, Azim Premji quotes, If people are not laughing at your goals, your goals are too small -Azim Premji quotes

15 Inspiring Pearls of Wisdom from the Iconic Indians

Being an Indian- I'm proud to live in such a country where I have witnessed many iconic personalities and their words of wisdom are...
my last tie, calling dreams, message from dying guy

My Last Tie: This Message From The Dying Guy Sums Up Life

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this article on reddit and couldn't stop myself from sharing it with you. I am only 24 years old, yet I...

Top 9 Self-development activities For Kid

Kids are an extremely sensitive creature to handle. They have their own specific needs and requirements and above all, they need constant care and...
why should you avoid negative people

7 Types of Toxic People You Should Avoid Like Disease

“People inspire you, or they drain you — pick them wisely.” - Hans F. Hansen All people that surround us have a strong impact on...
how to quickly eliminate tiredness

How to Quickly Eliminate Tiredness: Top 7 Ways to Follow

We all have those bad, fatigue-filled days. Some of us even have an entire week full of feelings of tiredness and stress, and we...
negative work habits that you should avoid

8 Unhealthy and Mindless Work Habits That You Should Avoid

We pick up very many unhealthy and unproductive habits while we are at work without even realizing it. It is very important to be...
How to Overcome the Social Anxiety

Top 5 Tried and Tested Ways to Overcome the Social Anxiety

Anxiety is a common medical condition, affecting people in degrees, from mild apprehension to full-blown panic attacks that can be extremely debilitating. Because we...

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