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The Most Inspiring Lines Said by the Great Muhammad Ali

I haven’t seen such a confident man like Muhammad Ali in my life. I mean he was having so confidence in himself that not...

Top 4 Lessons that I’ve Learnt From Jeff Bezos and Amazon.com

It was the summers of the year 1994 and venue was Jeff Bezos parents’ garage where he was architecting some grand plan, a plan...

10 Motivational TV Advertisement (Hindi) to Empower your Daily Routine

Fed up of reading motivational books and watching videos? Are looking for some interesting motivational stuff? Don’t worry we have the collection of the most...

Arvind Kejriwal’s Journey from a Common Man to Gen-X Politician

"Politics is all about experience and power." "Politics is not a game of inexperience Candidates." "Common Man can’t change anything!" 11 months ago these were the few...

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