You, me, everybody wishes to have great things in life. We have always dreamed of the perfect life.

But are we doing enough things to make our lives perfect?

Most of us, aren’t creating the results we want. We have always regretted and complained that we don’t have enough money, success or happiness in our lives.

We often blame others for the things that happen to us and we almost forget that we are the creator of our own lives.

No matter what is your present situation, financial status, and if you have enough resources or not. You can always take a leap to design your life.

There are some common things and certain ways that successful people have that everyone can practice. Check out the best 6 tips that will help you to create the life you have always wished for.

How to Create The Life You Have Always Wished For

1. You are the only one who is responsible for your life.

We often stretch our hands seeking help from others in the important phases of our lives and when something didn’t go well. We often complain others for that.

We got so busy in pointing fingers to others, blaming others that we have almost forgotten that this is our life and we have to take the 100% responsibility of it. Remember that everything that has happened or happening to you is the only result of your deeds.

For example, Saul Bass, the man credited as the most accomplished graphic designer in history took responsibility for his life. Born to Jewish immigrants, he studied at night, worked his way through the advertising trenches and gave 110% on all design related projects.

This eventually got him his first break in movie posters and soon after he revolutionized the role of title credits in the film. And as they say, the rest is history.

The point: You are the only person who is responsible for your life. Successful people always take the responsibility of the decision they make, the thoughts they think and actions they take. This is your life, take charge of it and don’t let anyone suppress your inner self.

2. Analyze your present situations and Find something out of it.

Our present situations are always created by our thoughts. If things are not going well, it means that something is wrong and you need to change it. Take a leap back and think about the things that went wrong.

If something didn’t go well or you got stuck in the unavoidable circumstances, rather than criticizing anybody try to figure out something out of it, you never know, maybe it happened for the good.

For example, The founder of Virgin Group, Richard Branson, once missed his flight to Virgin Island. And at that time, with the help of other passengers, he boarded a private chartered plane for his destination. From there, an idea came in his mind to start his own airline business, read the full story here.

The Point: He turned that bad incident into the billion dollar business only by analyzing the present situations.

And to do that, you may ask for the help from others, sometimes all we need is guidance from a mentor, but don’t forget to stay tuned into yourself- your behavior, attitude, likes and dislikes, and life experiences.

3. Be very clear with your desires.

Many people juggle throughout their lives because they haven’t decided what they want. They are totally ignorant about their desires and dreams.

People are so busy in earning bread and butter and they are living an uncomfortable, overburdened, unsatisfied, and unfulfilled lives. Instead of focusing on specific goals, milestones, dreams, they have plunged themselves into the unimportant tasks.

For Example, Abraham Lincoln had a dream to become the President of United States. He struggled throughout his life, had a nervous breakdown, failed while campaigning seven times in his political career to become the 16th President of United States.

The Point: He had a clear vision in mind that he want to serve his country and at last he did. Your desires should be crystal clear if you wanted to live the life of your dreams. And never make any permanent decision based on your temporary emotions, get rid of all the fears and replace them with happiness.

4. Always have a positive attitude: Its possible!

Happy and Successful people are determined to make situations work for them. Rather than regretting, they always think of the best possible ways to overcome the negative situations that are pondering them.

Always have the self-belief that you can do it and there is nothing that can stop you in achieving your ambitions.

Take the example of Walt Disney, he was fired by the editor of the newspaper because “he lacked imagination and had no good ideas.”  But it’s all because of his positive attitude, he never gave up and eventually created Mickey Mouse for the world. Read full story here.

The Point: You, me, everyone has to face the vulnerabilities, uncertainties, and failures but that doesn’t mean that we should quit. We have to fight back with the positive attitude, all we need is to change our thoughts towards life.

5. Believe in Yourself.

James Clear has clearly said that “Nothing will work if you don’t believe in yourself.”  Whenever you dream to achieve something in life, you have to believe that you are capable of making it happen.

Always try to improve yourself, try to learn something new every day, acquire new skills, and flush out the bad habits. These are the things that will boost your confidence, these are the habits of super successful people.

When Steve Jobs was kicked out of his own company, he had a self-belief that he can change the world for better. He started working again from scratch, founded Animation Company named Pixar which was later on acquired by Apple itself.

The Point: If Steve Jobs didn’t believe in his vision, the world won’t be able to see awesome apple products.When something went wrong, don’t panic because there is always room for improvement and you can always improve yourself which eventually will uplift your self-esteem.

6. Set your goals

Goals can be the stepping-stones to a happier life. It will help you to propel forward. Setting your goals will enhance your focus on and visualize helps you better connect yourself with inner desires, moreover, it gives you motivational energy to work even in the bad phase of life.

You need to find out the enough reasons to set your goals so that you can have the clear ‘why’ in your mind.

When everything was happening bad in J K Rowling’s life, she didn’t quit chasing her goal of becoming a writer. Even living in the welfare and taking care of her daughter, she manages to continue her passion of writing. If she hadn’t set her goals, we wouldn’t have the Harry Potter Character in our childhood! Read the full success story of JK Rowling here.

The Point: Don’t worry about the big targets, focus on the short term goals instead. By comprising these small goals, you will be able to design a perfect life which you’ve always dreamed off.

Over to You

Only you are the super in charge of your life and you can always have the life the way you wished for, remember that. Take the responsibility of your life, be the life coach of your life, mentor yourself in the right direction and live the life of your dreams.

Life becomes more interesting with the problems, overcoming those obstacles and doing the defining it in your terms is actually called life!


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