lessons from gary vaynerchuck, gary vaynerchuck quotes


lessons from gary vaynerchuck, gary vaynerchuck quotes

I’ve listened it like zillion of times that “Do what you love.” Since childhood, I’m hearing it from my parents, from teachers in my school, college and people who tend to give me advice would definitely outreach to it.

I’ve read many articles (even written) on “passion”- I used to have a notebook and on behind that, it was mentioned- “Passion is the fastest way to spur your life.”

But honestly, I didn’t get it. Neither from my parents nor from any other source. I knew that there exists a word “passion” and it has something to do with me, but I was unable to discover what exactly it is.

Why people say it so often and why it is so important to do the things you love? I was not able to understand what this images says…

love what you do, quotes by gary vaynerchuck

I was confused but I didn’t settle, then I keep my search on, finding it on internet, in books that what the heck does the phrase, “Do what you freaking love” means?

Alas, I couldn’t figure it out and finally I quit! Yeah, I gave up and decided to live the life the way it is going.

I opted for the subjects which my parents want me to do, chosen an engineering college which my neighbours wanted me to go (in India it’s very common), wore the clothes which my girlfriend wanted to see me in (nothing to say on this :D).

And life goes on…

Last week , I completed 22 years of my life! I was wondering, in these 22 years, was there any single day when I did something which I wanted to do? Did I ever hear my inner voice?

I was blank, totally blank! This question was poking in my mind continuously, but I couldn’t figure it out that why I should pursue the things that I love?

The thing which makes me so happy that I’m willing to do it even 20 hours a day…..

After all hustle, finally, I got answers to all the questions when I stumble upon a guy named “Gary Vanyerchuck.” I watched one of his Ted Video and I researched a bit more about him.

Then I ordered and read one of his best selling books – Crush It: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion. After reading this book, I was blown away, I got all my answers, this book really added more value to me.

Therefore, today I’m going to share with you the top seven things that Gary Vanyerchuck said that made to do what I love.

But first of all…

Meet Gary Vaynerchuk


Gary is really a flashy and charismatic New Yorker who gained internet fame as the crazy and outgoing host of Wine Library TV, a video blog that obsessively talked about everything related to wine.

At a very young age, he took over his father’s business and started WineLibrary.com, he enhanced his online wine business with the help of Google Adwords Tools as he was the first person to advertise against people searching for “wine.”

In the following years, he started Wine Library TV, the concept of an online video blogging and built his wine business from a $3-million-dollar-a-year wine retail store to a $60 million dollar wine wholesale business.

He’s been two time best selling author and co-founder of Vayner Media which is a large marketing agency that helped some of the largest brands of the world. He’s also been featured in The Wall Street Journal and in the Time Magazine.

Enough talk now, let me show you what I’ve learned from him….

“There is no reason in 2014, to do sh*t you hate. None”

Look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself, what do I want to do everyday for the rest of my life…do that. [Tweet This]

lessons from gary vaynerchuck, gary vaynerchuck quotes

The reason, why I’m mentioning this point at first place is because, it’s freaking important. I wonder how people are doing the jobs they hate?? What is wrong with them?

He explains in his own style;

there is no excuse for anyone living in the United States or anywhere else right now to slog through his or her entire life working at jobs they hate, or even jobs they simply don’t love, in the name of a paycheck or a sense of responsibility.

Don’t give yourself any excuses for not doing the things that you really love.

Do you curiously jump out your bed every morning to go to your job or just because it’s the part of your daily routine?

What’s the point of doing the job in which you didn’t find any leisure?

Yes, he asked these questions from he, while I was reading the book. And I’ve learned that; You should do something, which you really feel like doing. I can bet that you will perform way better in that.

“Stop Whining, Start Hustling” 

 Stop crying, keep hustling! Hustle is the most important word, ever! [Tweet This]

gary vaynerchuk quote, Stop crying, keep hustling! Hustle is the most important word, ever - Gary Vaynerchuk quote

“Life Sucks”- you know, people have the habit of saying this. If something didn’t work out, they utter from their mouth, that “it sucks.” They quit and they try to shoot for another plan.

He advised, that; “you have to hustle to get it done.”

Nobody is going to give you anything because of mere sympathy, you have to work really hard and make yourself prepared for that.

Life is going to be tough ahead so stop whining over the little things and keep hustling.

“Legacy is greater than Currency”

Legacy is greater than currency. -Gary Vaynerchuk [Tweet This]

gary vaynerchuk advice. legacy is greater than currency -Gary Vaynerchuk quote

Are you really proud of the things that you are doing right now?

Have you ever asked this question to yourself : How you are going to be viewed as when it is all set and done?

Have you ever given it a thought that what your grandchildren or your great great grandchildren are going to think about you?

He says that every single decision of your life, from following your passion to the lifestyle you are living is going to be counted in your legacy.

Care more about others, help others as much as you can, make yourself involve with people and love them – to me that also comes under the legacy.

Your every single move, your every single day is going to affect your legacy, so stop making decisions by taking care of the next five years instead of that make decisions by taking care of your coming generations.

If you do so then I can guarantee that there will be a lot of wealth in the end. The currency will eventually follow your almighty legacy.

“Success is in your DNA”

We are not really good at knowing what we want. And we are very quick to say “this suck.” That’s where opportunity lies. [Tweet This]

gary vaynerchuk advice, gary vaynerchuk advice, life lessons by gary vaynerchuk

I wasn’t too aware of that, what does my success have to do with my DNA?

To which Gary explained it pretty well, there is greatness, there is something special in your DNA, which will make you successful.

He took his father’s Shopper’s Discount Liquor Store to Wine Library TV worth about $60 millions. And all this happened when he came to know that Wine Business was pulling out of his DNA.

There are many people who have been born with great DNA, yet they struggle, frustrated and stuck. You know why?

Because they weren’t doing what they loved more than anything else in the world; they weren’t doing what they were born to do. There is success present in your DNA, you just have to find that and start working on it.

That is why he emphasis on the phrase written below to every person he met:

“Do What You Love- No Excuses”

I think this is the most inspiring video on passion that I’ve ever watched. Gary has something to say and let me tell you, it’s for you only video, so don’t give me any excuse for not watching it:

 “Love your Dreams”

I’ve got all my reasons, why I should follow my dreams after watching this video. Gary advised to love your dreams and envy them.

Don’t try to hide and don’t at all feel embarrassed telling people about your dreams.

His ultimate dream is to buy New York Jets, whenever he gets chance to speak about dreams, he proudly speaks that he is envious of buying jets.

And I’m sure he is going to buy them very soon(God, bless him).

The point that I got from here is, Love your dreams, dream big, keep hustling for them and don’t feel embarrassed while telling about your dreams to anybody.

“Passion is Everything”

Finally, I’ve come to know that – Passion really is the single fastest way to spur your life. But as you know, there is lots of hustle present behind it.

He says, “With passion we can create wealth and happiness up to the infinite amount.”

I came to know that- In this internet world where everybody is obsessed with social media there exist endless business and career opportunities as all the eyeballs are moving on the internet, eventually business has to go.

I’m trying to say there are infinite with the help of which you can excel, you just have to channelize yourself in that.

We can achieve success, wealth, but only with enough passion and sweat, you can make anything happen. Therefore, it’s time to Crush It!

The Bottom Line: Cash In On Your Passion

You are living in the Internet era where everything is transparent, if you have the talent, if you can challenge yourself to work really hard, if you are ready to hustle, than Now is the time to crush it! Now is the time to cash in on your passion.

The points which I’ve written above, I’ve learned all of them from Gary’s book: Crush It: Why Now Is The Time To Cash In On Your Passion

And if you are struggling to find that one reason, the reason which can help you to break all the barriers, which will help you to start doing what you really love.

That single reason of which you are waiting to quit the job you hate, the reason which will compel you to do what you love- IS WRITTEN IN THIS BOOK.

Now don’t waste time in doing the things which you hate, get up and buy this book here.

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  1. Hi Vishnu,

    I am SO inspired by his reference in your Post. To be honest I had no idea who he was. I also am amazed to know that he was the first person to advertise against the word “WINE” through adwords.

    I loved all the quotes that I had to literally stop my desire of tweeting all of them else my twitter profile might look spammy. LOL. Still I managed to tweet two of them.

    • Hey Swadin,

      I’m glad that you find this post inspiring. Yeah he used technology in a very right way. He was first to access google adwords for his wine business , first famous video blogger, when facebook was lauched he had already thousnads of youtube subscribers and he used each and every social media platforms exceptionally well.

      I’ve learned from him is that we have to use each and every social media equally to build our personal brand, brand equity is the most important.

      I’ve lot to share, but I would suggest to buy his book and read about all this stuff, It’ll be very helpful.

      Thanks for dropping your comment buddy 🙂

  2. Hi Vishnu,

    That surely was a lovely post, and now I understand what kept you busy for a few days 🙂

    Gary is right in all that he said – we should do what we love doing, and that is actually the way to live life and be happy.

    However, a lot depends on what we want in life? For example, if a person wants to earn for his family – the basic needs, whether he loves it or not, he has to work to make ends meet. If he were to choose and do what Gary says, it might not work for him.

    Similar is the case with those who are studying (students who don’t like studying!) or those starting a career, they need to struggle to become something. Success doesn’t come doing what you love always also, it comes to those who are at it to make something of their lives.

    Again, for example, if it’s a new blogger who wants to make a living through his blog and he blogs because he loves to blog, so that makes him a hobby blogger, who posts as and when he wishes to as it brings him happiness, but we all know that initially, we need to work hard on our blogs and go beyond our comfort zones to slog it out to make it something, and later perhaps reap the benefits.

    So, while I agree that we should do what we love, but that comes after we have made a life and living for ourselves. Not everyone of us gets the jobs we love, and yes, working 9-5 is the need of most people, though some quit and take up doing what they love eventually, provided it brings them the money, or else they keep at the same jobs for years to make ends meet.

    I liked the ending part of his video where someone asked him about the money part, and that’s true – you earn because you want to buy that shirt, watch or things you love, so you work. Yes, for a single person that is true, though with a family to take care of, you work to sustain them, and that work never ends, whether you love it or not.

    That being said – I loved the post and wish one day I’d be really able to love what I love doing (pursue some of my hobbies!), besides helping people and being there in some way, through my blog now.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂

    • Hi Harleena, yeah his book and blog’s design kept me very busy few days back,

      I agree with each and every point you have mentioned, I’m quite familiar with the responsibilities one has, and that’s where our passion collapse, we have family, we have job to do, we have so many other tasks to perform to earn living, I agree with you that all these things are important but I’m not suggesting to quit your job right now and start doing what you love.

      In his book, he mentioned all these things clearly and he syas – “turn water into wine.” That mean, it’s alright that you are doing 9-5 job but what after that? 9 PM to 2 AM is the plenty of time to do the damage, provided if one is really wanted to be and do the work he really loves.

      Start doing some things towards it, take some initiatives for that field, make yourself prepare and when you’ve reached to that threshold then quit your job and start pursuing it full time. I know it’s not that easy to do but it will make you a lot more happy than anything else in the world……this is I wanted to say.

      So start taking little steps towards things, took initiative for it and I’m sure you will feel way better, Good Luck 🙂

  3. Hi Vishnu

    What an inspiring post from a great guy. I have heard about Gay. I think I even watched his video in his site and he knows what he saying.

    I love the points and the quotes, most especially the video and I believe that we should do what we love doing but that in itself takes courage and one must consider other factors which Harleena has highlighted .

    However it is better to do what you love than hating what you do. It is better to soak yourself with passion than to wet yourself with regret. Thanks for sharing

    • Hey Ikechi,

      Thanks for visiting and reading this post. I’m glad that you liked it, yeah Gary is certainly is guy who made the difference in my people’s mindset(including me)

      Loved his approach towards life, loved the way he embrace himself and his business and I’ve learned lot of things from him which is written above, I’m hope all my readers will find it inspiring and will start pursuing what they really love.

  4. Hi Vishnu

    Awesome post! Certainly inspirational. Might sound ‘silly’ but I had no idea who Gary Vaynerchuk was until now you have made reference to him here in your post. I cannot stress enough that there is so much we can learn from each through what we write about and share with others.

    I do have a strong liking for quotes and they spoke to me more ways than one. Success is indeed in our DNA! 🙂 We have got to pursue it with a passion, same way we go after our dreams. Sure there is opportunity to cash in on our passion through our blogs but because some of us are not really blogging full time, we tend not to reap the full rewards and benefits.

    Overall a brilliant post and glad that you decided to share it with us your readers.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Yep, certainly there is success present in our DNA, we just have to find and excel in that.

      Thank you for dropping you comment and I’m glad that you learned many things from this posts.

      Thanks 🙂

  5. Hi Vishnu,
    It’s my first time on your blog, let me firstly compliment you for a wonderful blog you’ve setup here.. 🙂

    This article is very inspiring and probably it’s my first time of comming across the name “Gary Vaynerchuk”, he’s wonderful anyway.

    I’ve learnt alot from your blog today, after seeing some words that spur up my spirit, I even had to tweet some and I say a big thanks to you for sharing such inspiring article with us.

    • Hi Larry,

      First of all a very warm welcome at Calling Dreams. I’m glad that you liked my blog, I appreciate it!

      Yeah, I wasn’t quite familiar with him until when I watched his one of Ted video, he jolted me from inside and compelled me to right an article on him.

      Thanks for dropping your comment, keep visting Calling Dreams for more inspiring posts 🙂

  6. Hi Vishnu!
    What an inspiring post and a great blog too! This is the first time that I visited your blog and I loved what I saw!

    I love Gary’s work too and have been following it for the last few years. He is very inspiring and I agree 100% with what he has to say. I really like the analysis that you gave of Gary’s work and your own insights. I particularly like the passion+ sweat can make our dreams come true part.

    I would lean heavily on the sweat part also though :). Passion is very important, but I think that passion and enthusiasm and purpose address the “why” question very well. No doubt, the passion and the “why you are doing something” are very important.

    But the reality is that many people that I have seen are not stuck in the passion and the “why” stage. They are more stuck in the going forward process. They have great enthusiasm and passion with no idea how to move forward on it. In short, they have many plans and those plans cause overwhelm and without a concrete script, they find it difficult to move forward.

    That is perhaps why having all the knowledge of personal finance and enthusiasm to make it better does not make someone rich. Understanding how to implement the information and scripting forward motion into meaningful ways is as important.

    Perhaps for that reason skill, practice, taking small steps and forming next steps that are implementable are equally important for forward motion.

    You have built a wonderful framework in your post for doing the work that one loves!

    When we add the passion , sweat and a few other elements, it looks like this:
    Forward Momentum= Passion + Enthusiasm + Skill + Practice or sweat+ Knowing the next small move forward+ Feedback from failure+ Quick Implementation= An Awesome life!!

    One more thing to add! Not everything that one does will invoke the same amount of passion or enthusiasm. I believe that success is directly proportional to accessing that passion, engaging the skills and also knowing what to do, how to manage or how to delegate the parts that you do not love.

    Thanks again for a great post!

    • Hi Harish,

      First of all a very warm welcome at my blog Calling Dreams. I’m glad that that you liked my blog, actually, honour is all mine to have such an influential writer at my blog.

      I was delighted when I saw that we we are sharing quite similar niche, and I’m looking forward to learn lot of those creativity skills (I’m on it) 😀

      You have explained it exceptionally well, me too rely on the sweat part. Enthusiasm to do the thing what you love is present in many people but to execute that passion into something bigger, something that one dreamed off is very rare.

      I totally agree with you that planning, implementing that and scripting in forward motion is really very important in order to excel, in order to achieve something great in life.

      Although, it’s quite difficult to maintain the consistency, I think it’s the major bottleneck (atleast for me, need your guidance in that) but that is how winning is done!

      And what should I say of Gary Vaynerchuk; I’m his big fan, the way he carry himself everywhere in the videos, posts or podcasts is incredible! I’m following him religiously and it is adding more values in me…

      Once again thank you for your great insight, I appreciate it!
      Do keep visiting and keep calling your dreams with Calling Dreams 🙂

  7. Here I am again…What an inspiring writeup….I can bet now that I will have better sleep today because I know where my dream is….Thanks for sharing this amazing post..Great work…Keep it Up

  8. hi Vishnu
    my problem is knowing what am passionate about, it really gives me sleepless night. please help me on this am so disturbed now.


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