Even though Summer is coming to a close, there is still plenty of time to enjoy your garden. This is the time when tomatoes start to boom and the mums are ready to decorate our flower boxes. Of course, if you live in an area that boasts gardening availability year round then the motivation gardening offer has a longer benefit to you.

Gardens don’t only require motivation, they produce motivation as much as the flowers and produce they grow. We love to talk about motivation here at Calling Dreams because living our best life is the goal after all. Still, you are probably wondering how gardening helps us to get motivated.

How Gardening Helps Us to Get Motivated?


#1 Clear mind

It goes without saying that to accomplish anything important, having a mind that is free of distractions is essential. Gardening is one of those activities that will end up giving you mental clarity, which, in turn, will be an amazing asset to that next big project you have planned.

It is quite inspirational to take on a task with a brain that is free of clutter. So, while you may start out your gardening with plenty on your mind like lawn fertilizer, hose, and other gardening tools, you will be free from all those thoughts once you are finished for the day.

#2 Accomplishment

In life, we need to create goals for ourselves, like planting a garden. No matter the size of the goal, once it is accomplished a person feels a sense of achievement, which prompts them to set bigger goals. It’s a happy cycle to be on; one that generates pride and happiness.

The type of cycle we don’t want to find ourselves in is the one where we continue to generate old habits that don’t get us anywhere. Gardening is the perfect type of activity to start you out on your goal achieving marathon. We guarantee, once you plant that garden your confidence will grow and you will feel motivated to accomplish yet another goal.

#3 How to kickstart

Before a garden motivates us we need to rustle up the motivation to create this very garden. So where should we begin?


This is always a great place to start. Why do you want to do anything you are setting out to do? If you are looking to finish your novel, it may be to have it published, or it may be to just have the sense of writing something so large. The why doesn’t matter as long as you have a why.

Take your garden. Some folks garden to produce vegetation because they believe in self-sustainable living. Others take up gardening to design something of beauty. Both reasons are equally motivating. So find you’re why and go from there.

#4 Gratification

Gardening needs to be approached with pleasure in mind. If you go at it feeling that you have a great deal of work ahead, then odds are you’re not going to want to create your garden. If you look at differently, like it was a fun project, then your motivation will spark. The power of our minds is incredible, and we have the ability to take it in one direction or the other.

#5 Imperfection

Once you’ve done your research and have an idea of the type of garden you want to create in your mind make sure to leave room for mistakes. No one gets something perfect the first time around. If you are a seasoned gardener, looking for a new interest in gardening we suspect your attempts will have flaws as well.

Humans were created with faults. It is what makes us human. Without giving ourselves room to make errors we can create unrealistic expectations for ourselves, which are never good if motivation is your goal. So realize, your garden might not turn out to look like the picture in your head. That’s okay. Room for improvement leaves more time for gardening and clearing your head.

#6 Get creative

If digging trenches sounds like back-breaking work, which it does, then try to put a creative spin on the task. Maybe imagine yourself planting while you dig those holes or don’t dig all the spaces at once and plant as you go. That way you don’t get tired of tedious work and get to the good stuff, like placing flowers on the ground.

#7 Trick your brain

The one thing all of these motivational tips have in common is the need to sometimes trick your brain. All of the goals we set in life have boring obstacles along the way. The goal of a clean house requires vacuuming, the goal of writing a novel requires sitting at your computer for so many hours a day no matter what else you rather be doing, and creating a garden requires digging some ditches.

There is good news though. There are a great many ways to get your brain believing these mundane tasks are fun. The end game is finishing the project so you feel motivated instead of putting things off until the next day. Another way to get through the monotonous is to put a positive perspective on digging in the dirt opposed to a negative image.

You are in charge of your life, so get out and create that garden and grab the motivation you need and deserve.


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