How to Be Lazy and Successful at the Same Time

Now, the truth is that all of us get lazy. Whether we like it or not, maintaining high productivity levels at all times is absolutely impossible. Everyone has this in him to a certain extent.

We just enjoy doing nothing – that’s it. However, the world has changed quite a lot and the window of opportunity when it comes to laziness and procrastination has become particularly narrow. Delaying deadlines is the natural consequence of this but in a lot of the situations, this is something that we just can’t afford.

It’s commonly perceived that procrastinating is associated with laziness and that this is something particularly bad. However, what if this is not completely true?

What if there was a way for this to make you more productive and to contribute to your overall success? You’d pretty much love that, wouldn’t you?

Of course, you would! A study published by Psychology Today showed that one-fifth of the world’s population are the so-called chronic procrastinations. These people are known not to perceive laziness as a bad thing.

These people actually don’t think that pushing deadlines and spending some time just doing nothing is something bad, especially when it comes to their productivity. Instead, they just view it as a different way of getting things done.

Even if this is something that regular people see as rather odd and even not advised, it gets the job done. Regardless of this, procrastination is yet viewed as something bad because it is known to be the basis of postponing the job.

In the world we live in, the deadline is a rather challenging word for most people and postponing the job is definitely not a good idea, especially if you want to be particularly success. But is this actually true?

How to Be Lazy and Successful at the Same Time

1. Lazy people are successful

And that’s not fiction – it’s the very truth, backed by history itself. There are a lot of examples of lazy people who managed to accomplish tremendous success. This is something which shows that we shouldn’t just label procrastination and dismiss it as something particularly harmful when it comes to productivity.

Let’s take Winston Churchill, for example. His performed in school so devastating and awful that he didn’t even try to get accepted to a college. Historians claim that his favorite activity was actually sitting in a rocking chair as no sports actively excited him.

Needless to say, Churchill is one of the most impactful politicians in the entire world’s history and he has left some of the greatest legacies known to men.

Other examples include names such as Charles Darwin – the father of the Evolution Theory. Did you know that he actually slept throughout his lessons? That’s right, Darwin was actually a menace when it came to school. He preferred to do a lot more passive things such as fishing, for instance.

His favorite activity, which is no secret to anyone, however, was drinking in the local pub. Of course, it’s needless to say that he came up with a theory which changed the way the world views on people. This didn’t stop him from being as lazy as it’s possible.

There are quite a lot of other influential scientists, actors, musicians, politicians and entrepreneurs who were lazy and yet managed to achieve splendid success. The examples are countless.

2. Lazy people know how to focus on the goals

Being lazy has nothing to do with failing to pay attention. Lazy people are well aware of what needs to be done and how to get it done – that’s why they can afford wasting time – they don’t have to spend it figuring things out.

A lazy people wouldn’t care to pay attention to irrelevant details. They are not aligned with other people’s priorities and they have their minds clearly set on the end game.

However, they just don’t want to rush it. Being lazy and being distracted are two particularly different things and this is something that anyone should actually account for.

3. They use technology

Being lazy and being incredibly creative are two things which almost always go hand in hand. People who like to procrastinate are also those who are well aware of how to find out different ways of getting things done in a lot shorter amount of time.

Instead of using MS Word and send the file to their colleague, they’d share it through Google Docs. That’s just one straightforward example from the tip of the toe to demonstrate the doors they manage to open because of their desire to procrastinate as much as it’s possible.

4. Lazy people are relaxed

This is also something manages to keep them well on point. Being able not to worry a lot is something that you need to take into account.

This is something which is going to clear your mind and allow you to focus properly when it matters. This is one of the most important things that you need to understand about laziness – it can relax you.

5. Lazy people are creative

There is nothing more powerful than a lazy person who is determined to find out yet another way which is going to make his life a lot easier.

There is even a saying about this – give the lazy man a job and he’ll show you how to do it quickly. That’s because their priorities are clear – they want to procrastinate and to chill. This is why it’s important for them to get things done quicker and clear their schedule.

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Of course, there are downsides to that and there is a very fine line between things. However, it’s also important to understand that a lazy person is capable of being particularly productive, hence successful.

It’s wrong to label different conditions and mindsets just because of the overly perceived opinion. Being lazy could push you towards the achievement of great things which are time-saving and effortless. This is the main idea behind new inventions – how to make your life easier.


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