How to develop right organizational skills

How to develop right organizational skills

Every organization needs productive employees. Even if you manage to complete all tasks on time, the employer will expect more. More efficiency, more initiative, better productivity!

The good news is: you’ll feel better about yourself if you meet those expectations. When you improve your organizational skills, you’ll be a more reliable, prepared, and efficient worker. You’ll gain better reputation and recommendations for career progress.

The only question is: how do you achieve greater levels of productivity? When you develop the right organizational skills, the results will follow.

How to develop Right Organizational Skills

1. Planning

First of all, you need to develop a system that allows you to organize your time and tasks. The skill of planning shouldn’t stay limited to your work; it needs to encompass your free time as well.

How to Develop this Skill

Make lists! You may use your favorite to-do app, or a plain organizer; the important thing is to plan the tasks according to priorities. Start by making monthly plans. Write down everything you need to achieve during that month, and turn the monthly plan into weekly lists. Then, you’ll turn the weekly plan into daily tasks. Make sure to focus on the most important tasks, and distribute the time you have left throughout the remaining responsibilities on the list.

2. Understanding your productivity patterns

Have you noticed that you’re better at doing your work at certain parts of the day? Some people are active in the mornings, while others are doing a better job at night.

How to Develop this Skill

Keep track of your productivity levels during different periods of the day. Note down your impressions, and you’ll soon reveal your productivity patterns. Try to plan completing the most important tasks during your active periods.

3. Organizing the space

The way you organize your workspace speaks volumes about your productivity.

How to Develop this Skill

Start by cleaning up. Throw away all unnecessary files, paper, pens, and other stuff you don’t use. Then, organize the documents. You can use file folders, document boxes, and different shelves or cabinets for the categories you come up with.

It’s also important to organize the files on your computer. It will take quite some time for you to do this, but it will have a huge effect on your overall productivity. Create different files and put every document at its place.  

4. Time management

Are you a procrastinator? If that’s the case, then productivity may seem like an impossible mission for you. Don’t worry; there’s always a way to improve your time-management skills.

How to Develop this Skill

If you find yourself spending too much time on social media, remind yourself of the daily list of tasks and mark all achieved tasks in green while crossing the failures with red. You’ll love seeing that green color, so you’ll force yourself to stay on schedule.

Don’t forget to take breaks, too. According to the Pomodoro Technique, you’ll achieve greater productivity if you work for 25 minutes and then take a brief 5-minute break. This system works for many people, so it won’t hurt for you to try it.  

5. Seizing the day

When you get up late, you’re in a hurry to get ready for work, and you can’t have your breakfast at home. You rush through traffic and you’re already stressed out when you finally get into the office.

How to Develop this Skill

Start getting up at least one hour earlier than usual. 20 minutes is enough for you to get a good exercise in the morning. That simple routine will give you an energy boost. Then, have a healthy breakfast and leave early, so you can get into the office right on time. When you start the day early, you have more time to be productive.        

6. Using the right tools

Even if you’re a focused person, you can’t achieve the ultimate productivity levels without using the right tools.

How to Develop this Skill

There are several apps and tools that can give you an efficiency boost. These are only few of the many you can try:

  • Strict Workflow – a Chrome extension that works according to the Pomodoro principle. It blocks all distracting websites for 25 minutes, and you’ll use that time to work on your computer. Then, you get a break of 5 minutes, which you can use to check out social media or any other site that distracts you from the work.  
  • AssignmentMasters – an online writing and editing service that can save you in times of trouble. If an important project is taking all your energy away and you can’t focus on other tasks, you can outsource part of the work to professional writers and editors. Then, you’ll get more time to take care of other responsibilities.
  • Remember the Milk – a to-do app that will help you stay on track with your schedule.
  • Google Drive – cloud storage system that will help you organize your documents. It’s convenient because it doesn’t take space on your computer, and you can access important files from any location. In addition, you can share the documents with your boss or coworkers.   

Are you ready for a productivity challenge? Try the 5 tips listed above and monitor your progress. You’ll be surprised with the results!    

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  1. The first step towards ‘productivity’ is to know what you ‘really’ want to do, and to understand your ‘priorities’. This can help you to know how to make ways to complete your work, without ‘getting buried’ in the process to do so.


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