how to enhance your productivity at home

It is generally agreed today that one of the modern trends in the business environment is working from home.

Although not being a 9-to-5er was a problem some years ago, modern people don’t want to spend 8 hours a day in the office, and many employers even encourage a remote workforce.

In addition, statistics prove that more and more people accept the fact that working from home can be beneficial for them.

Did you know the following?

  • The number of remote listings increased to 36% in 2016
  • Researchers predict that the number of people who are working from home will reach 63% in the next few years
  • 76% avoid the office for important tasks

To make a long story short, people start working from home, where you are your worst enemy as it’s you who manages your workflow. Thus, do yourself a favor and learn secrets on improving productivity at home.

Here comes a list of tips How to Enhance your Productivity at Home:

1. Well-organized Home Workplace

Staying productive is a key to success, and, believe it or not, a well-organized workplace affects your efficiency a lot. When it comes to organizing a workplace, everything matters, from setting up a proper lighting to choosing the right colors for the walls.

If you don’t want to have an imbalance between work and life, you’d better start with the separating the areas for the work process and living.

For instance, you can hardly be productive if you work using your laptop in the bed, so it’s important to pay attention to the right organization of the workplace.

  • Demark a zone for work. It would be nice if you can choose an area at home which will be your small home office. Zoning is a new trend and it helps to keep you focused. You can paint the wall green or blue colors as they improve productivity. Plus, take care of the lighting. The more natural lighting you have, the better it is for you.
  • Maintain the order. No matter how many business documents you have, you should keep your workplace clean. A messy table distracts, and you start spending more time on completing a task. Everything should have its place: bookshelves, lockers, and drawers are important.

Plus, you should remember that your workplace should help to tune into work.

2. Schedule Your Work and Breaks

Working day in, day out you become mentally and physically exhausted which can lead to a burnout. The one thing I’ve learned over the years of working is that you need to shift work and breaks.

If you take a break, you distract from the work process, and it helps to boost brain functions and, therefore, improve your productivity.

As every person knows when he or she can be the most productive, you need to adapt your work process to your routine.

However, most successful entrepreneurs get started early as they believe that they can have more things done. It’s known that a good sleep increases productivity and creativity, so you need to have a good rest before starting a day.

If you work hard, you can set alarm clocks to have a break every 55 minutes. You can take a cup of tea, read an article, or have a small walk. Actually, no matter what are you going to, don’t work under the pressure and take breaks regularly. It’s not about the procrastination; it’s about being rested and energetic to keep on working efficiently.

3. Arrange Video Conferences

Do you know the biggest culprit that takes your time at work?

Around 47% of employees claim that meetings are productivity-killers.

Although it might be hard to manage remote workers, there is no better way to save time than arranging video conferences. First of all, working from home, you should spend time on the way to get to the meeting. When having an online meeting you need nothing but the Internet connection.

Plus, it gives you a possibility to establish eye-contact which helps to stay focused on the topic. You can schedule a meeting beforehand with the help of electronic calendars so that all attendees can confirm it.

Living in the digital era, it’s important to make the most out of it in order to save time and stay productive, and arranging a video conference is a new way to work more efficient even if you need to be interrupted by your clients or colleagues to discuss the status.

4. Write Down Your Duties

How far can you go without a plan?

No matter how good your memory is, every person should have to-do lists in order not to forget all tasks. When you’ve written your duties, you have a visual confirmation of the things you have to accomplish within a specific time period.

Moreover, having a list of things to do, you can prioritize them according to their importance and urgency. Actually, it’s one of the best time-management techniques.

In fact, you can increase your productivity by 25% if you know how to prioritize tasks.

5. Work at Least a Day Not from Home

Every once in a while, you have to work from the nearest cafe or coworking space. In most cases, the reason for it is that something is wrong at home but you have a lot to do, so you start looking for a cozy place to work.

To be honest, it can be a good habit if you change the environment around you from time to time. Any type of changes causes stress which boosts brain functions and productivity. Plus, you can start thinking more creative which is a benefit for any job position.

6. Collaborate with Good Clients Only

We all know that working under pressure negatively affects your well-being and, therefore, reduces productivity. More often than not, the main reason for this circumstances is your client.

Although clients vary, many of them believe that they can put pressure on you and they can show no respect sometimes. No matter how you perceive it, such situations cause stress.

Mental conditioning plays a great role when it comes to being productive.

If you want to attract new clients, you should be in good relations with existed ones. Thus, you’d better pick out good customers only.

Who is a good client?

It is a person who understands you and shares your views on completing tasks he or she gives you. After all, hiring a professional, you should rely on his skills and don’t put pressure.

Once you start collaborating with good clients only, your productivity starts improving.

7. Speed up Your Gadgets

On average, people think about speeding up their gadgets every once in a while. We tend to use our gadgets until something goes wrong. However, if you take care of your gadgets on a regular basis, it’s more likely you won’t face any obstacles with them.

Most people don’t change gadgets regularly, so you’d better know how to make them run as new ones. If you’re hesitating whether this point is worth trying, imagine the following situation.

You’re about to write a monthly report and your system breaks down. You’re unable to complete this task and you need to find a professional who can help you.

On the other hand, if you check your gadgets, your system won’t broke. And we know that having devices that work fast is a key to success for freelancers.

8. Do What You’re Passionate About

Have you ever heard the following saying?

A burden of one’s own choice is not felt.

Doing things you’re in love with, significantly enhance productivity. Moreover, it’s proven that people who are engaged in their work have better productivity. The reason is that you don’t try to procrastinate on every task as you’re interested in completing it.

Plus, being fond of your work, you try to keep on improving your skills in the field. And these factors affect the quality as well.

Thus, find what you’re passionate about and try to set foot in this niche. Remember that it’s never late to give something a try.

The Wrap-Up

Working from home is not a dream any longer. Many people quit working in the office to create a perfect balance between work and life. Although it requires a lot of effort to keep focused, there are some tips which can help you become more productive.

If you’re a freelance worker, do you have your tips on enhancing productivity at home?


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