how to gain benefits from your procrastination

If you are that last minute man, there is a possibility you have heard others say procrastination is a bad thing. People see procrastinators as those who are doomed to miss out on many opportunities in life because they hardly get things done at the right time. Frankly speaking, procrastination is underrated. There are several benefits you have as a procrastinator that others do not. We will look at those benefits and what makes procrastinators unique. Read on and check out how to gain benefits from your procrastination.

How to Gain benefits From Your Procrastination

1. Better Performances

Remember the last time you procrastinated – instead of completing the task at hand you left it for something else. Your folks have all concluded that you are unserious and lazy which is not a new thing. That is how people see procrastinators.

You can benefit greatly from dumping the task for something else – that little distraction can make you perform better than someone who just went right into it because they want to finish on time. The screenwriter, Aaron Sorkin, who is behind “The West Wing” and “Steve Jobs” is a procrastinator who does his writing at the last minute. He was asked by Katie Couric about being a procrastinator and replied it is not procrastination as many believe but that he calls it thinking.

The Zeigarnik effect coined from a research done in 1927 by Bluma Zeigarnik shows that people tend to have a better memory for tasks not yet completed than for the completed ones. Bluma was able to prove that leaving tasks unfinished for some period will help your ability to think and recall information.

Most people work brilliantly on a deadline. The stress and thinking of the looming deadline push them to create brilliant work that others cannot achieve. If you are someone like this, then continue to work with that.

2. Might prevent you from wasting time on that task

You do not need science to prove this – it has occurred to most of us. After spending hours to work on a task, your boss might turn it down. Your boss may not have included all the information that he or she wanted. And then you are told to redo something you have completed in a hurry.

You would have saved yourself from stress and wasted effort if you had procrastinated or waited until the last minute before working on the task.  

3. Reduces anxiety

Procrastination can save you from making silly mistakes you would have made if you had started working on a task earlier. The importance attached to the task or pressure to produce error-free work can trigger you to make mistakes because of your mindset.

Procrastinating will help you relax a bit and think of the best way to complete the task at hand. You will have time to think of the best way to avoid errors and distract yourself a little from the anxiety already built up.

A notable Wharton Business School professor, and Author of Originals, Adam Grants, says “When you procrastinate, you let your mind wander and develop unexpected patterns to complete the task at hand.”

4. You might have a change of plan for the better

Have you had plans you wanted to execute, only for you to have a change of mind at the last minute? Procrastination gives you that privilege to reconsider your options and decide which is best for you. You might have plans to open a coffee shop, only to realize that a bookshop will work better for you.

Procrastination will create time for you to sit, think and reconsider your option. You will be able to avoid mistakes that you might regret in the future. Most people rush into things, only to realize they made the wrong decision at the last minute. And there are decisions or actions you cannot reverse once taken because they are very costly.

You will have enough time to seek other people’s opinion, sample them and come up with a full-proof plan.

5. Work only when you are at your best

People tend to perform better when they work at their best periods. At this time, they are not stressed or disturbed by anything. They have solved all the challenges that could have prevented them from giving their best.

There is a higher possibility of putting up a brilliant performance working at your peak. You are mentally alert and well-rested to think sharply and give your best.

Many have considered procrastination to be a bad thing. But you can produce tremendous results as a procrastinator. There are several benefits you can gain as a procrastinator that others may not. Procrastinators are unique people. They have a unique way of doing things. So, instead of looking down on yourself, think of how to use your ability to change your life. Treasure your uniqueness.

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