how to get rid from the laziness

Laziness can be a major hindrance when it comes to studying for an important exam at school or even a certification for work.

If you feel you don’t have the motivation to study and would rather watch 10 hours of movies for the day, here are nine things you may want to try to kick the laziness out of your system.

How to Get Rid from the Laziness When it comes to Studying.

#1 Take the first step

Kicking out laziness is often challenged by the first step, which is getting started. Write down a list of tasks that you need accomplish in one day and keep checking them off as you finish them.

Seeing the list move will get you motivated to complete more tasks.  If you feel you can’t take the first step, consider talking with your doctor because there may be an underlying condition which may be the cause for your lack of energy.

#2 Focus on the task

The best way to ensure that you study well is by blocking out all forms of distractions. Choose a quiet place away from people, television or any other noise that may bother you.

It might also help to switch off your phone and internet as this will allow you to focus 100 percent on your studying.

#3  Adopt good learning habits

The best way to study is reading to understand, not by cramming. If you do not understand a concept in class, revisit it at the end of the day to better understand it.

It is said that going through all you learned in class in the evening will help you grasp and understand the concept better.

If you’re having a hard time understanding something, talk with your fellow classmates or talk with your teacher to have them help you or even point you in the right direction.

Understanding the concept is going to be a lot easier than cramming to memorize things you barely comprehend.

#4 Create study strategies and priorities

It is important to jot down what is more important while studying.

Start with topics that are difficult for you and ensure that you only move on to the next topic after you have fully understood the first one.

The easier topics should be at the bottom of your study list since you can easily go through them faster with ease.

#5 Take regular breaks

Studying nonstop without a break can make your head spin or slow your brain down. It is, therefore, important to take regular breaks during your study period.

Walk around, sip some tea or even ride a bike to escape your study room. After all, all work without play makes Jack a dull boy, right?

#6 Manage your time well

Time management is the essence of good study habits. Plan your time by the number of study tasks you want to achieve, and never procrastinate.

More so, never wait until the last minute to do an assignment or to start reading for a test. This will leave you overwhelmed and exhausted to even complete the task well.

Therefore, always plan your time well, and do not waste it since we all know it cannot be recovered.

#7 Acknowledge you can easily stumble

You need to accept the fact that you can easily fall back into your lazy self. Do not let failure hold you back or prevent you from taking the bold step towards progress.

Just remember that it is a simple setback that can be overcome. Look at it as a lesson and continue with your earlier studying habits.

#8 Get motivated by the energy of others

If you study in the library, it is easy to look up from your booth and see how others are studying. This should impact you and reenergize you to keep going.

The same goes for the people you hang around with and even what you access on the internet.  If it offers a positive atmosphere around you, then this will be reflected in your attitude and mood.

#9 No overloads

It is important to only do as much as you can. Do not overload yourself with millions of tasks as this will leave you unaccomplished.

Only take in what you can and do not push yourself too much.  As mentioned above, take a look at what you need to study well ahead of time, and by planning, it should give you a fairly good idea on how much time you’re going to need to comprehend everything.

Being lazy is a choice.  If you’re able to take action and implement the tips mentioned above, there’s no reason you can’t study on your own time with no stress.

Remember, you got into this for a reason. What was this reason?  What was this goal?  Always keep these goals in your head to keep the ball rolling.  Good luck!


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