how to get yourself motivated and stay fit in 2017

Do you look in the mirror and dislike what you see? Is your body weight becoming a bother because it restricts you from doing all the cool things you would want to do with your friends?

Do you have resolutions that you set at the beginning of the year and you haven’t started working on yet?

In case you are going through any of the above issues and you want to lose weight but you always postpone taking the necessary action, you may just lack the motivation to start.

It is very important in life to know your purpose and work every day to accomplish it.

You may wake up at daybreak and dread your workout session even before setting out for the gym.

Most mornings you lay in bed and wonder why you signed up for gym sessions or you wonder why you decided to take up morning runs. Eventually when and if you go to the gym you are half-hearted and you cannot do much.

Waking up in the morning motivated will, however, change how you go about your workout.

You will look forward to going out for your morning run, you will enjoy your workout sessions and your positivity will encourage people who work out with you.

Four great ways to get motivated and enjoy a fit 2017

  • Join a group exercise class

Motivating yourself to work out on your own can be hard. When alone you might feel lazy to wake up and go out for a jog. This laziness can, however, be changed by signing up for a group exercise class.

Working out in a group gives you the chance to interact with other people, share experiences and encourage each other.

Exercises in a group exercise class also provide diversity unlike when one goes out in a solo morning run. Group exercises can be the answer for how to motivate yourself to work out.

In a group class, you also get to have an instructor who brings morale to the group with fantastic encouragement strategies that encourages participants to go an extra mile to their work out.

  • Set goals and stick to the timeframes

Another amazing way to motivate yourself work out is by setting goals you want to achieve by the end of the work out period or at the end of a period of time. The goals keep you on your toes, and they will help you get motivated when you are feeling down.

When setting goals, it is important to give them a time frame within which you are supposed to achieve them.

Keeping fit without a timeframe, even with goals, does you no good. You will never see how far you have come with your fitness program and this demotivates you.

  • Have fun

The best motivator is having fun during your workout session. Everybody loves having fun when working, not necessarily working out but in all what they do. When you have an amazing time working out, you hardly notice time moving, and your body does not tire quickly.

You can have fun during a workout by playing music you love. Music keeps you happy and frees the mind taking you away from the workout and instead you have fun. Choose a gym that makes you feel at peace with yourself when working out.

Different people have different preferences for an ideal gym, some like gyms with mirrors to check themselves out as they work out, others prefer gyms that are not crowded or gyms with many people working out together.

Whatever your likes are, make sure you are comfortable in the gym. Being comfortable will help you enjoy your time.

  • Go easy on yourself

You cannot get your dream body in a day. It is important to know your body’s limit and stick to it when working out. Do not overwork yourself in the name of wanting to look good faster.

Love your body and go easy on it when working out. Set realistic goals that you will achieve without necessarily overworking yourself. During your workout session, take water to hydrate yourself and always remember catch your breath in between exercises.

Go for it

2017 should be the year you get that dream body you have wanted for a long time. The secret behind keeping fit is by always motivating yourself to keep working out even when you feel like giving up.

It is not about how much you work out in a day, but how much you stick to your workout plan.

Remember, you have a reason to keep fit. Do not let the lack of motivation keep you from achieving the goals you have set for yourself. Stick to the tips mentioned above, and you will definitely have positive results.


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