Everyone wants to be productive and motivated, sadly, most people fail to keep their energy up and staying driven the whole day. And if you want to be productive, you have to start by managing your mornings.

Morning is considered the most important time of your day because when you start your day right, your whole day can go through smoothly and you can accomplish more.

Imagine waking up late, you are in a rush for an early meeting, but because you are late, you stuck in the traffic congestion. When you reach the office, the meeting has finished and your boss asks you into his room to talk about ‘commitment.’

Do you think you can still go through your day smoothly and have a productive day after that? Not at all. This is why morning is important because it sets the pace for your day.

Here are 3 simple and effective methods how you can make your morning more productive and get more done throughout the rest of the day.

How to Wake Up More Productively?

1. Get Up An Hour Early

If you wake up at 7am each day and you go to work at 8am, try to wake up at 6am starting from tomorrow onwards. When you get up early, you have more time than others. You can use this time to plan your day and start on your work earlier.

You get ahead of others when you wake up early. You create more time for yourself. Usually, morning time is the best because that is when you feel the most energetic and your willpower is at the fullest. You can then spend time meditating, exercise, review your goals or even work on your most important task.

Not only that, morning is the best time because it has the least distraction. Nobody will call you early in the morning. Do you know that Tim Cook, Apple CEO wakes up as early as 4am each day?

Most remarkable people like Ursula Burns from Xerox is up at 5.15am each day, Michelle Obama gets up as early as 4.30am to workout, and Jack Dorsey, the CEO for Twitter and Square wakes up at 5.30am for jogging.

What about you? What time do you wake up? Extraordinary people get up extremely early because they want to stay ahead of others. Ordinary and unsuccessful people prefer to sleep more.

2. Develop Your Morning Routine

You have to develop your morning habit and ritual if you want to be productive and make the most use of your morning.

A ritual is like a step-by-step action that you will do each morning when you wake up. For instance, once you wake up, you will go to the bathroom to wash out. After that, you may head to the kitchen and drink plenty of water. And then you will do some stretching and exercise. Everything happens automatically like a chain reaction one after another.

You have to make it your habit so that each morning once you get up, you will follow your morning ritual and do what will make you feel most productive.

While you don’t have to follow what others do, you can create your own morning ritual.

Just a reminder, studies have suggested that drinking 500ml of water can cleanse and hydrate your body functions. Apart from that, most people find that meditation and exercising are great morning habits because these activities make them awake and healthy.

Therefore, create your morning ritual right now. Write down what you will want to do each morning and follow your plan until it becomes your morning ritual.

3. Start Small And Increase Gradually

One thing I found why most people fail to follow their morning ritual or get up early is because they try to do everything all together. They try to eat the whole elephant at a time rather than do it one bite at a time.

This is where most people make the mistake and fail to follow through. They feel excited to wake up early in the morning and to work on their dreams. The next day, they wake up extremely early, and their body still cannot manage the change.

As a result, they feel tired and sleepy. At night, they collapse on their bed with exhaustion and don’t feel like waking up early again the following day. Does this sound familiar?

If this is what is describing you, you have to understand how things work. If you want to make a habit stick, you must take small steps up front. Don’t go for a big change, focus on doing just one thing at a time until it becomes your habit.

For example, you used to wake up at 7am and you would like to join the 5am club and wake up at 5am. What you can do is to get up at 6.30am for a week. And then make it earlier and wake up at 6am for the following week. You increase gradually instead of doing it all at once.

Success is a combination of small steps. If you want to accomplish something big, you have to start by doing the small things right.

Hence, start small and gradually adopt new productive habits into your life from time to time. Success takes time and so does managing yourself to be productive.


These are the 3 simple and effective methods how you can wake up more productive and get more things done. So do you wake up feeling fresh and productive each day?

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