how writing can help you in daily life

As humans, we need to communicate daily in our lives, although the majority of our daily interaction is verbal, a great deal of communication requires writing.  

Writing forms an integral part of our daily life. Most people find it convenient to communicate through writing. Some of the obvious examples are postings or messages we send or receive on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  

Text messages using our smart phones or other platforms like WhatsApp have become the most common channels of communication. Other forms of writing like emailing and writing letters are still useful. All these instances require us to write.  

When we engage in writing, we do not just write for the sake of writing; writing has several benefits in our daily lives. Below are some of the reasons why writing is important.

How Writing Can Help you in Daily Life

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#1 It helps to improve analytical skills and self-expression.

Writing daily forces you to find ways to come up with new ideas regularly, ideas are everywhere, to get these ideas; writers are required to search for relevant information from several sources like online platforms, magazines, and books.   

Writing requires good analytical skills in order to present a professional content. When writing essays, students need to be more focused on what will attract the reader’s attention, before coming up with good ideas for an essay.  By writing essays, students will not only improve their writing skills but also improve their analytical skills.

After researching, students are required to merge ideas from various sources and develop an argument based on his research.   By merging these ideas students can form a better argument.

Part of essay writing includes taking complex ideas and breaking these ideas down, explaining them in a more simplified way. Through daily writing, students improve their analytical skills. In general, writing helps people express their thoughts and desires, writers usually have burning ideas, and opinions that they would like to share, writing is the best way to release all these ideas.  

Writing is about getting our message across, whether it’s through books, a blog or just writing a journal. However, one needs to find the right words and expression to convey his message.  We have all read essays, poems and interesting article about people’s  opinion about h certain subjects, meaning that through writing people express their experiences, ideas, and thoughts.

#2 Writing Helps Your Clear Your Mind

We sometimes feel like venting or speaking out our minds to share our ideas an opinion; writing can help us do that.  People use various ways to express their frustration, doubts through writing. All this is meant to help them clear their minds.

At times, our mind is a tangled mess of thoughts that is why writing is the best way to let these thoughts out.  People record their feelings through writing as a way of realizing the tension and stress in their head.

At times we might have a lot of things to remember.  The best thing is to write them down instead of storing them in our head. By writing them down, we will declutter our minds, emptying these ideas out on the page.

#3 You will become a better orator

Being a good orator requires good planning and daily practice, many people strive for excellence in communication, the best way is to learn the secret daily practice. Writing one of the daily routines that can help you become a better speaker in public. Public speaking is one of the difficult hurdles s many people have to overcome.

Developing a successful presentation with thoughtful structure and word choices require daily practice.  Part of the daily routine should include reading and writing.  The more effort one puts in writing his speech or presentation, the more effective it will turn out to be.  After numerous rewrite, you will develop a perfect piece of presentation.  

Many people prefer keeping journals; a journal can help you develop writing skills to become a better orator.  Through journaling, one can discover new ideas that can develop into a best seller. When writing a journal you allow ideas flow freely, this can be reflected later in your speech.

Instead of memorizing the content of your speech, writing gives you a better way of creating bullet points of the content that you want to get the cross in each part of your presentation.

By noting down the key points, you will be able to speak naturally about them. Having a loose outline of your speech gives you the flexibility to review your speech to develop a better presentation.  The more you practice writing, the better you will understand what you want to present.

#4 You can share your articles with a society.

Through writing, you can share your article with society.  There are several writing platforms that enable writers to voice their ideas, thoughts, and feeling and share it with the society.  Anyone passionate about business, cooking, marketing, writing platforms like blogs gives them the opportunity to connect and network with people and share their articles.

Other people’s passion is about supporting a cause, be it environmental or social causes, therefore through writing; they build awareness and garner support to make a difference in the society.  Writing is the best channel for sharing knowledge with others people in the society.

#5 You can earn extra money by writing custom articles

Through writing, you can earn extra money by writing custom articles; anyone with good writing skills can put them his skills to good use and make money online. Several unique websites pay people to write for them. Freelance blogging is one of the best ways of making money by sharing your articles.

Over to you

Making writing a daily routine comes with numerous benefits, through writing; one can improve analytical skills and express himself better. Writing provides a good avenue to clear our minds at the same time improve our communication skills. Good writers can share their ideas with others for good causes at the same time utilize their skills to earn extra money.


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