how writing can transform your health

From the moment I wrote ‘Leaf Storm’, I realized I wanted to be a writer and that nobody could stop me and that the only thing left for me was to try to be the best writer in the world” – Gabriel Garcia Marquez. This quote from this renowned writer from Latin America sums up how writing was important and beneficial to him.

Writing can also be beneficial to you (you don’t have to necessarily be a renowned author), especially for your health. The following are facts on how writing can transform your health in the long run.

How Writing Can Transform Your Health

how writing can transform your health

1. Writing Can Enhance Your Memory

Typing is faster than writing by hand. However, with regards to memorizing information, faster doesn’t mean better. When recording things down in your notebook, you spend time sounding this information while also seeing it while writing. These are 2 avenues of receiving information, which makes such a technique twice as productive.

Academics have noted that when you write information or take notes, your motor memory is also engaged in the process. Signals are sent to your mind, and therefore information is stored in your memory.

If you are having a difficult time memorizing long pieces of writing or require extra motivation for keeping track of information, just try to write everything.

2. Your Body and Mind Become Healthier

While writing about things that you are thankful for in your diary, you pick up the habit of being appreciative. You begin appreciating more things in life, enjoying what you have and feeling thankful to people around you.

Moreover, being grateful has a positive effect on your body. The consequences of short-term writing are great; however, if you write things continuously, you’ll feel emotionally and physically healthier.

Individuals who write journals have a tendency to be more happy and cheerful than those who don’t.

3. Writing Helps You to Relieve Stress

The world we live in is fast-paced and has lots of things to worry about. According to a research done, a normal man was reported to having a stress level of 4.9 on a scale of 1 to 10. For ladies, it’s 5.3. Thus, stress affects their mental and physical state.

For those who are under pressure, writing a journal can be helpful. Therefore, most doctors recommend sparing at least 10 minutes a day for writing a journal to see the results of this.

4. Writing helps Cancer Patients Cope with the Disease

Getting information that you have cancer is difficult, and most people feel dejected after. They say that they don’t have the strength to deal with it and go through all the medical procedures.

Scientific evidence tells us that those who write journals while going through such an ordeal deal with cancer better than others. A medical paper called The Oncologist published results that back this information.

They had various participants with cancer write diaries for some time while undergoing their medical procedures. They mentioned that in the end, the patients who wrote diaries portrayed better results. Their attitude to the disease changed, and they figured out how to look at the situation from another angle. Subsequently, they experienced all the pain easier, and it was less harrowing for them than it was for the rest. Therefore, writing a diary can be of great value to those who are dealing with cancer.

5. Writing Can Lead to Faster Healing

It has been said that individuals who experienced trauma at some point and wrote about it later recovered much faster. They say the secret lies in communicating everything that hurts and also all that one can’t give up easily in writing. Most specialists recommend beginning writing a journal where all emotions which one can suffocate from the onset.

Through writing what’s in your heart, you disclose your inner self and experience a huge improvement in your emotional state. By expressive writing, they implied writing all the emotion one experiences on paper and not only monitoring events occurring in real life. Therefore, writing can lead to faster healing.

6. Writing Before Retiring to Bed Leads to Better Sleeping Patterns

Back in the day as kids, we often wondered if there was the need for going to bed and wasting valuable time on sleep. Rest appeared to be something pointless. Nowadays as grown-ups, we understand the value of sleep and experience a lot of trouble when we don’t sleep enough. Lack of sleep can lead individuals to commit crimes, suffer from depression among other mental disorders.

Moreover, it has been said that writing a journal before retiring to bed can enhance your sleep and cure several illnesses. Expressive writing can assist you to get rid of unnecessary feelings that can keep you from sleeping properly. Likewise, one can monitor their plans; can free their minds from a lot of information which is crucial to have a decent night’s rest.


You can choose whether to be an avid writer or not. However, we recommend that you pick up this habit as it’ll be beneficial to your health. You never know, eventually, you might become one of the greatest writers out of Latin America, just like Isabel Allende, the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and the late Carlos Fuentes Macias, among others.


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