Jim Carrey Quotes & Videos

Jim Carrey Quotes & Videos

The whole world knows Jim Carrey as the comedian, who made us laugh with his comedy skills in various movies like The Mask, Dum & Dumber, Bruce Almighty and many others.

But there is the other side of him, as a human being, he is overflowing with amazing advice for living a successful life and following dreams. He is the multi-talented guy who has shared his valuable insights with the world which are worth to be followed.

I’ve collected the two most inspiring motivational videos of Jim Carrey, enjoy watching them.

Jim Carrey’s Advice on True Meaning of Life

Jim Carrey’s Advice on Following Your Dreams

The Most Inspiring Jim Carrey Quotes

  1. I hope everybody could get rich and famous and will have everything they ever dreamed of, so they will know that it’s not the answer. – Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey Quotes
  2. Your job is not to figure out how it’s going to happen for you, but to open the door in your head and when the doors open in real life, just walk through it. Don’t worry if you miss your cue. There will always be another door opening. They keep opening. – Jim Carrey
  3. You can fail at something you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance doing what you love. – Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey Quotes
  4. Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. – Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey Quotes
  5. My focus is to forget the pain of life. Forget the pain, mock the pain, reduce it. And laugh. – Jim Carrey
  6. I don’t like to believe in limitation. I think things are so limited like the minds of people. – Jim Carrey
  7. Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them. – Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey Quotes
  8. As far as I can tell, it’s just about letting the universe know what you want and working toward it while letting go of how it might come to pass. – Jim Carrey
  9. As someone who has done what you’re about to go and do I can tell you that the effect you have on others is the most valuable currency there is. – Jim Carrey
  10. If you aren’t in the moment, you are either looking forward to uncertainty or back to pain and regret. – Jim Carrey

I hope you enjoyed his words of wisdom, if you find them really inspiring, then please share it and inspire others as well.


  1. Hi Vishnu

    I am inspired by Jim’s words and he is so right when he says that the effect we have on others is the most valuable currency there is.

    I enjoyed the quotes you shared because they are thought provoking. Thanks for sharing. Take Care.

  2. Absolutely love Jim Carrey”s inspirational, motivational, insightful, valuable video’so. Being seen, brings us to an elevated level of a
    Enlightenment, introspection, & perception of thought and meaning.


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