5 ways to kill your dreams

5 ways to kill your dreams

Let’s get real here.

A Long time ago, you had a dream and you wished to accomplish that.

At that time, you had the burning desire to achieve those dreams anyhow.

You took off for the journey, you were so enthusiastic and all yours’ focus was to make those dreams possible.

But after few months, when you saw there’s nothing much happening, you are not getting results.

You got frustrated, you don’t feel like working anymore now.

And at last, you gave up!

My question is, why did you start in the first place? Why did you even bother to work hard until this date?

Just because something is not happening, does that mean you will quit?

Well, my friend, the success is the journey and it doesn’t happen in an overnight.

So, before you quit. I’m here to help you in killing those dreams. So you might not have to feel embarrassed about quitting your dreams.

Here’s the short ted video in which the speaker is going to show you the 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams.

Bel Pesce is the Brazilian, who studied at MIT, she worked as an intern at Microsoft, Google. And after working with the various startups, she left for her home, decided to inspire others.

She has opened a school, FazINOVA, which is dedicated to helping students — both in live courses in Sao Paulo, Brazil and online — persevere toward their dreams. The school has grown tremendously since its establishment in 2013.

Here’s what she has to say about the dreams.

Bel Pesce: 5 Ways to Kill Your Dreams

Over to You

I hope that you liked this video. Now you have to decide, whether you wanted to kill your dreams or start working on it? If you’re following these steps, you’re definitely going to kill your dreams.

I would suggest, don’t let that happen ever. So go ahead, and start living your dreams not killing it!


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