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Everyone certainly have an ideal lifestyle they dream of living — some aspire to climb the tallest mountains and explore the most beautiful locations on Earth, some others dream of going to the most classy banquets, living in luxury and style, gaining massive fame, etc — the point is, everyone have a dream life they wish to lead at some point in time.

However, most individuals get so distracted in their journey that they fail to take note of the success they sought all their lives once it arrives.

Their focus gets captured by the resources which were supposed to serve as a gateway to their ideal life. This is why most individuals chase unending riches and pay little or no attention to their passion/ideal lifestyle.

Hence, below are 8 simple signs that signifies you’re living that ideal lifestyle you always dreamed of. Also, if these signs are lacking in your life and career, it’s safe to say that you’re chasing the wrong things regardless of your net worth or whatsoever.

Also, if these signs are lacking in your life and career, it’s safe to say that you’re chasing the wrong things regardless of your net worth or whatsoever.

1. Work Turns to Fun.

For most people, their job is the most dreaded, frustrating, sad part of their daily life. They watch and take note of every unit, second and hour that ticks right from the moment they step into the office till the point of their freedom (departure from work).

With hundred percent certainty, this is never anyone’s ideal lifestyle. Hence, the first key point that displays the lifestyle you live is your job.

The point when going to work becomes an adventure, the point when your hours of work time passes like mere seconds, the point when your colleagues are seen as friends instead of inmates, this is the only time you can safely say you’re living your passion.

Even as a CEO, your workplace can also become a prison — when you have unending appointments and barely have time for what really matters to you.

When all you seek is the dollars; though the money may be coming in, your happiness is not guaranteed.

2. Rest Over Thrones Stress.

To achieve your dreams, you definitely have to work long hours and engage in lots of physically and mentally draining activities irrespective of your profession.

However, no one wishes to work all day and all night till their last breath — Everyone certainly desires to have some work freedom at some point in time.

Hence, living your passion can be pinned down to the point when you can confidently decide “The heck, I’m staying home today,” without having to seek a special permit from your boss, or better still, without having to compromise your career/job.

3. You have enough time for what matters to you

What’s more frustrating than having a massive fortune but a little or no time to do what you really want?

No one wishes to spend their daily 9-to-5 in a suffocating office day-in-day-out — this is basically one of the main reasons why an office is overly dreaded by most individuals.

Hence, when you are able to make time for what really matters to you, when you are able to spend quality time with your loved ones, when you have enough time to engage in activities you really want, it’ll be safe to say that you’re living your passion.

4. You develop a positive outlook

Most times, great opportunities present themselves disguised as trials, failure, setbacks, etc.

At such point, individuals who were initially having a hard life or passing through the rough phase of life get overly overwhelmed and filled with negative thoughts.

However, individuals living their passion are always in a state of absolute mental balance. They view situations entirely different from the masses and are always on the lookout for the hidden good in every misadventure.

5. Happiness becomes embedded in your heart

Life is never a bed of roses — trials, difficulties, hard times, etc, all crept in once in awhile and often tend to take the place of our happiness.

However, a person living his/her passion often have this inner joy they possess and display irrespective of the situation. They smile more often without even knowing it, and this in turn often end up lifting the spirits of their friends and colleagues.

6. Every minute becomes an adventure

Instead of anxiously watching every minute crawl-pass by, you start to cherish every minute and second, you become grateful for everything, you show the great deal of enthusiasm at work, social gatherings while hanging with friends, etc. All you just want to do is to be happy and to make the people around you happy.

7. You start to care less

One main sign that signifies you’re living your passion is when you reach a point where people’s trash talks don’t bother you anymore — the point where people mock at you but instead getting mad and acting rashly, you burst into laughter (laughing at their stupidity).

At such point all you really care about is creating memories, taking adventures, visiting new places and meeting new people.

8. You feel More Alive than Ever

And lastly, the last but definitely not the least sign is when every little testimony/inspirational story lifts your spirit so much that you feel the heat running through your veins.

When you know for a fact that nothing is out of your reach if only you set your mind to it and put in effort. The point when you want to become an inspiration to people and wish to see others doing good.

In conclusion

With the above signs in place, are you living your passion? If not, why not and what are you doing about it?

It’s easier to decide to suck it up and put up with whatever curveball life throws at us.

However, after taking note of the above signs and envisioning how fun it’ll be to lead that lifestyle you always dreamed of, are you still willing to ignore your freedom and settle for less than you really deserve?

Perhaps you need a little more motivation to get you started, stay update with every post update from top self improvement blogs like this amazing blog, listen to inspirational podcasts, visit places and meet new people and you’ll instantly be filled with more reasons to never settle for mediocrity.

Most importantly, never give up your ideal life because of the effort and time it’d take to pursue your dreams. Call your dreams out loud and chase them. Goodluck!


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