mental obstacles


mental obstacles

We have all heard of the phrase that life is not a bed of roses. To be honest with you, it actually is something similar to that. Think of roses in particular. These red luscious flowers are embedded with prickly thorns.

Each thorn in the rose represents an obstacle that you face in life. The influx of obstacles in your life will never cease. You can, however, limit them to a certain extent. The best possible way of doing so is by eliminating the obstacles that you create for yourself in your mind.

These are called mental obstacles, and often times they prove to be the biggest hurdles in your road to success. There is very little that we can do to prevent others from imposing challenges on us. However, removing mental obstacles is a very real possibility and it should be done in order to achieve goals and lead a happier life.

Before you can go into your juggernaut mode and start bulldozing these obstacles down, you need to be acquainted with them.

Here are 7 mental obstacles that will make your life miserable if you do not do something about them.

1) Craving Societal Approval

We live in a time where our actions no longer stem from our principles and beliefs. Instead, our actions are catered for societal approval. Without the acknowledgement and approval of society, our actions seem invalid.

If you tread this path, you will end up being a people pleaser. Sure, impressing your boss or your colleagues may get you a small promotion, but it is never going to put you on top of the ladder. Sometimes, the things that society disapproves of are the very things that drive us towards our goals and get success under our bag.

2) Being Mediocre

Gone are the days when people would strive for excellence in whatever they pursued. The sculptor struggled to chisel his stone to perfect. The artist struggled to master the perfect stroke of his paintbrush.

The singer struggled to present the perfect tune to the audience. This need for excellence has been replaced with an inclination towards mediocrity.

If you continue to think that excellence is not required in your life, then you will never reach your true potential. It’s like a tree cutting off its own branches and stunting its own growth.

3) Translating Failure into Weakness

The way you interpret failure will determine how easily you can acquire your goals. If you think that you failures are an indication of your weaknesses, then your road to success will be clogged with even more obstacles.

This is because every time you fail, you are telling yourself that you did not have the strength to succeed. The more optimistic approach would be to see each failure as a learning curve that prepares you for success the next time.

At the end of the day, the people who can get themselves up, dust themselves off and carry on like nothing had every happened are more likely to succeed in life than people who linger on in their pothole of failures and misery.

4) Being Uncertain

You don’t have to be a fortune teller to predict your future. All you have to be is a visionary. The moment you are not sure of where you are heading towards, is the moment when you have left your life at the mercy of external forces.

Uncertainty can creep into your mind for a number of different reasons. The best approach is to always have a plan for everything that you do in life.

The more uncertain you are at any point in time, the less productive you are likely to be. Besides, if you do not know where you are going, then you will lack the true motivation to complete a challenge in life. Doing something for the sake of doing it will never make you successful.

5) Lacking Flexibility

Change is something very personal. It is almost as personal as religion. If you are unable to change when needed, you will lag behind in life. A fixed formula or a strategy may get you far, but it will certainly not get you across the line.

You need to always have a plan B. Most people stick with a certain approach in a life and do not change it even when it is quite obvious to them that it needs immediate change. This lack of flexibility is a dangerous mental obstacle. As the saying goes, you either adapt or you perish.

6) Doubting Your Credibility

Doubting your own ability and accomplishments will have a negative effect on them. It is always good to be humble, but it is foolish to believe that you are not deserving of the acclaim or the opportunities that you have in your life.

Your ends should justify your means. Even if you know that there are better and more deserving people than you out there, don’t just leave your place vacant. That will not be an act of nobility, but rather an act of sheer stupidity.

7) Being Over Competitive

A little bit of competition is always healthy. However, too much of it pulls you down. Not everything that you do has to be a competition with somebody else. Life is not about racing ahead of others.

Instead, it’s about simply making it to the end of the road. Sometimes in lieu of trying to get somewhere first, you end up tripping and falling far behind in life. Just because your friend has a BMW does not mean that you have to afford one even if you can’t keep up with him.

Most of the bad things that cripple you in your life originate from your mind. Coming back to the rose analogy, if you can nip the flower in the bud, then you will be able to streamline your road to success. The idea is to purify your mind before you can set itself for achieving goals.

What are the other mental obstacles that you’re facing? Let us discuss in the comment section below.

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  1. Nice points, Sarah! I would like to add a couple:

    1) Being negative. Negative attitude does not only ensure failure, it also robs you of the enjoyment of the process. The anxiety and tension caused by negativity prevent you from performing your best.

    2) Perfectionism. The practice of setting unattainable goals and incredibly high standards usually leads to constant fear of failure and low self-esteem. These do not help in reaching goals.

    Hope the above add a little value to your article.


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