how to overcome emotions and boost motivation

With all the technologies and busy lifestyle that we have, it is easy to allow our emotions to affect us.  It is especially true if you truly want something that you can quickly become disheartened and frustrated.

But emotions cannot be avoided. However, you must ensure that they will not affect your professional life. When you experience negative emotions, you must learn how to overcome them and find a way to continue doing your best work.
Even if you live in one of the healthiest cities in America or happiest countries in the world, there will still be a time that you experience sadness, frustration, and other negative emotions. When those feelings develop, here are some ways to overcome them and use them to boost your motivation.

How to Overcome Emotions and Boost Motivation

how to overcome emotions and boost motivation

1. Do something new

Depression can affect your productivity. You can’t enjoy anything, even those activities that you once loved. When you have empty feelings, you can’t finish your task. Snapping out of this depressing state is possible if you only allow it.

Instead of considering your work as dreadful, try doing something new. Learn a new skill to challenge your mind. Approach new things with curiosity, instead of caution.

While learning new skills, focus on the fun that comes from the new skill. When you try new things, it can lead to increased self-esteem, and it is a primary driver of personal growth.

Keep in mind that by trying new skills, you are educating yourself, which is an essential factor in improving your health and increasing your productivity.

So, start a bucket list today. Each time you feel down, pick that list and start doing one of the activities. Since negative emotions can arise because you do the same things each day, consider breaking your routine. Change your exercise or opt for new food. Learning new things is vital to your happiness and mental wellbeing.

2. Focus on what you do best

Negative emotions can compromise your productivity. At work, rejection is normal. If your boss rejected your project consistently, don’t focus on the problem. Instead, focus on what you do best to rebuild your confidence.

As the saying goes, life is too short so why waste your time on something that won’t make you happy. If the project has been rejected consistently, it might be time for you to focus on other things. It’s probably a wake-up call for you that such plan won’t make you happy in the end.

Transform the sadness in your heart because of rejection to action. As you imagine the worst case scenario, you’re motivated to try harder and focus your energy to get ready for new tasks.

The rejection can also help you become a problem solver. As you become anxious because of rejection, you are more motivated to discover solutions to avoid getting rejected again.

3. Consider frustration as a good thing

How many times did you punch a wall because things didn’t work the way you want them to be? But remember that our perception is ahead of your skill.

If you want something, you know how you want it to look. Unfortunately, because your perception is always ahead of your skill, you might not get the things that you want. But it might just be a sign that you’re on the verge of improving.

When you’re frustrated, use it to solve a problem and improve it. The issue will usually start when you doubt your self, or you treat your ability as an extension of yourself. That is, if your project suck, therefore you suck.

But you must never think that way because all masters started as a naive student.

4. Allow your mind to wander

When you’re feeling depressed, or you’re angry about something, just allow your mind to wander. Zoning out is a period of creativity.

During this period, ideas would consciously come together on their own. Suddenly, it becomes clear as to why you’re feeling depressed. When you’re mindful, you’re thinking in the present moment, so there’s no room for new ideas to collide.

Mind-wandering usually happens when you’re doing a mundane task. But you can allow your mind to wander while you’re disheartened or feeling down.

It’s the wandering away that makes you look at your future goals. It’s a great time for you to think about new techniques or skills that you need to develop to improve your life.

5. Use your negative emotions to motivate yourself

Happiness is good. However, if we’re happy, we do our best to maintain it. When you’re happy, it’s a sign that you’re in a safe situation and that there’s nothing you need to change. But, when you’re sad, it triggers motivation, so you deal with a challenging environment.

It’s the reason happy people are less motivated to improve themselves than those individuals who are in their negative mood. If you have negative emotions, you’re more motivated to change the unpleasant state. With a sad feeling, your perseverance to achieve better results is heightened.

Happy people, on the other hand, are less motivated to make an effort to perform a lot better because they’re already experiencing a positive mood.

6. Grab it as an opportunity to see the truth

When things around you become bleak, it means that you need to learn something new and truer. Take it as an opportunity to know the truth and be grateful for it.

As you’re feeling down, you’ll realize that you’re responsible for how you feel. When you take responsibility for your emotions, you’re taking the step in owning them and using them.

As you appreciate your negative emotions, you learn to develop empathy. The more you’re acquainted with your feelings, the more you understand the people around you.

You learn how to be compassionate for yourself and others.


We all want to be happy and peaceful. However, as humans, we experience a roller coaster of emotions. Negative emotions are inevitable. But the good thing is that humans can choose how to overcome those feelings. These negative emotions can help cultivate joy. They have something to show you. After a negative emotion, there’s always a positive feeling that’s just right around the corner.


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