how to overcome procrastination

how to overcome procrastination

Are you a hopeless procrastinator? If your answer is yes, then you belong to the 20% of the population that has a problem with getting things done, therefore, you need to overcome your procrastination habit immediately.

Procrastination is defined as the purposive and frequent delay in beginning or completing a task to the point of experiencing discomfort. We all know what this discomfort means: guilt and shame.

Luckily, guilt and shamed caused by the chronic disease of procrastination can be managed once you get to the bottom of things. Follow these tips to manage your procrastination problems:

1. Find something Positive in your Obligations.

We tend to procrastinate doing things that we find boring, repetitive or lacking in meaning. Researchers claim people with impulsive personalities and lack of self-discipline are more prone to procrastinating.

To these personality types, procrastination is essentially a maladaptive coping mechanism. Looking for positive aspects in your obligation and seeing if you can put something personal in them, will make it easier for you to deal with the frustrations of dealing with boredom.

2. Break Down the Big Tasks into Smaller ones.

If the task you need to complete requires a lot of time and effort, break it up into smaller section. That way you’ll make the task seem less daunting.

If you have to write a 10.000-word paper, set a goal to write the first 1.000 words by a certain time. When you’re done, take a break and reward yourself with a snack for managing your procrastination urges.

3. Access your Subconscious Mind.

Getting started is the hardest part for most procrastinators, especially if you want to start exercising. Well, the longer you procrastinate, the further you are from your goal.

Laziness can become a bad habit for your health which is why some people even try taking hypnosis for fitness. Hypnotherapy proved effective in motivating people to stop smoking. Get a hypnotherapist to convince your subconscious mind to develop a liking for fitness.

4. Make your Own Rules.

The stress, caused by deadlines imposed on you, can make you want to curl up and just wait for everything to end. Performance anxiety and perfectionism was the leading cause in one study on college students that made them miss deadlines or performing sub par.

This is because their mind was focused on external stimuli such as evaluation of their work. To get over the stress of deadlines, make your own deadlines. Set your own timing on when you would want to finish the task within your given deadline. This way you’ll get a feeling of more control over your life and obligations.

5. Start Talking to Someone.

If your procrastination issues are causing you problems in your life and you’re constantly missing opportunities, then maybe you should consider visiting a therapist.

A therapist will help you gain insight into your issues of why you don’t perform as well as you could. Counseling will help you see that you are compromising success for a short-lived bout of pleasure by avoiding doing things you don’t like.

6. Download anti-distraction apps.

The latest lifestyle news is sharing a wide array of apps designed to make you stop procrastinating. Omm Writer, for instance, can give your PC a zen-like background free of distractions.

A lot of people today have to work on the computer which offers far too many distractions. Download the latest apps to help you use time productively.

7. Don’t be so Easy on Yourself.

Procrastination is quite sneaky. First, you lose motivation to start or finish something big, and then you end up with missing paying bills and letting the dishes pile up.

Don’t let procrastination become your lifestyle. Becoming disciplined in every aspect of your life, big or small will set the standard to how you approach your obligations.

8. Know that you are Only Human.

Along with his colleagues, Timothy A Pychyl Ph.D., a leading expert on the subject of procrastination, surveyed students on their procrastination before midterm exams.

The study was issued Personality and Individual Differences and they noted that students who forgave themselves for procrastinating managed to study for the second exams. Guilt can only worsen your procrastination and make you lose motivation and confidence. Forgive yourself and move on.

9. Stay Away from Distractions.

If you have to work on your computer, avoid facebook and videos of cats. You’ve probably been through this numerous times; we all have.

You work on something, notice a suggestion pop up somewhere on your screen and you suddenly realize you’ve lost an hour that could have been spent productively. Instead of wallowing in guilt and shame, limit access to these distractions.

10. Stop Whining and Start Doing.

The best way to overcome procrastination is by simply starting. Don’t listen to the excuses in your head, start whatever you need to start and don’t put too much thought in the process.

Excess thinking about the negative emotions attached to the task will drain you of your motivational resources. Procrastination starts in your head and that is where you need to fight it.

Everyone is guilty of procrastinating at least once in their life. The problem is when procrastination becomes part of your personality. Follow these tips and hopefully, you’ll be able to get those bad habits under check and finally get things done.

Are you Serious to Overcome Your Procrastination Habit?

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