smart ways to promote your brand at public event

smart ways to promote your brand at public event

Do you know why the most entrepreneur fail to survive?

Because they aren’t using the enough strategies to expose their business. There are chances, they might be marketing their brand in a wrong way.

The major reason behind the success of every business is how often people heard of your business. If people are talking about your product or services this implies that your business is growing.

And if, I talk about getting the desired exposure, then promoting your brand at the public events is one of the best ways to do that.

If you are able to deliver you message loud and clear, you will definitely engage more customers, investors and media attention. So it’s a win-win thing for your business.

But it’s easier said than done. In order to do that, you need to take care of some of the things so that you can have the maximum advantage of a public event and using it to its full potential.

Are you still struggling to expose your brand? Let us find out the best ways to promote your brand at a public event.

The Best Ways To Promote Your Brand At a Public Event

1. Start the Event Before it Actually Starts.

Your brand is going to be exposed to hundreds of potential customers so why not to prepare for that early? Do some marketing, keep a list of the guests, try to figure out their interests.

You can surprise them by creating teaser, previews of the content which you’re going to offer on the event day. You can run some online contest or survey which could help you to increase the customer engagement.

2. Do you Homework.

Before doing anything, research the event well and gather all the information and schedule of the event because knowing what to expect at the event can be crucial.

If you are well aware of each and every aspect of the event, then it will be extremely beneficial as it makes you and your business aware of what to expect.

Going unprepared for an event could really cut the slack, leaving you way behind your competitors, so do some researching part before taking your first move.

3. Use Social Media Creatively.

Social media is the powerful tool to gain exposure, and it could provide a real help in making your event successful. Here are some quick steps about promoting your event on social media with can leverage your business.

  1. Use facebook ads for the audience who you think that might be interested in your event. Showing ads to those prospects who is already following you on social media is the effective strategy of showcasing.
  2. Sending reminder emails of the event and posting the short teaser videos highlighting the features at your social media profiles can drive registrations.
  3. Create one event-specific hashtag and use that across all the social channels. Use this strategy well in advance of your event date and don’t forget to mention hashtag in all your bios. This is the great way to engage attendees and interested parties.
  4. You can share photos, testimonies and videos of the previous events as well to create the buzz about your event.

4. Expose Your Brand As much as you can.

Don’t leave a single way to showcase your product, expose your brand as much as you can. Here are some of the ways to build more exposure for your event.

  1. Your title should be an eye catching which should include some ideas about the content of the course and the issues you will be solving for the attendees.
  2. Customize all the attributes related to your product of own your own, like banners ads for the main venue, labels on water bottles, running quizzes under your brand name. These tactics simply will increase your brand’s public appeal.
  3. Create a shareable graphics at the events similar to the ones which you had used for the social media. It would be something which your customers can relate to.

Using these strategies would make prospect aware of your brand even before you approach them. This will make potential business partners and customers interested in your brand.

5. Invest in promotional merchandise and try to be Unique.

Try to adapt the different ways to market your brand and make sure that you don’t look like any other company. For that you can consider the following points:

  1. Everyone loves giveaways. Offering giveaways before your potential audience could help you in converting them into your customer.
  2. Small corporate gifts as the freebies are the excellent ways to differentiate your business from competitors.
  3. Provide pens for pennies and merchandise using your brand name and in this way people are going to remember you for the months to come.

Approach your customers directly, ask them for their feedbacks. Your brand idea should be very clear, like the moment they saw your brand concept, they immediately understand what you’re talking about.

6. Let your Product do the Talking.

In planning out the marketing strategies and doing other things, don’t forget about your product and it’s core value. Your product is the only solid foundation of your business, remember that.

The products or services your business provides is what ultimately makes your event successful. You and your team should be very well aware of the points that you’re going to mention about your product in front of the consumers.

It would be a cherry on top if your message is loud and clear because it eventually will drive much higher success rate for your business.

7. Keep Close Eye on your Competition.

It’s pretty obvious that you’ll meet the competitors who are providing similar services as you in the event. Keeping an eye on your competitors would be a great help in evaluating your marketing strategies.

You should be aware of their plans, what is working for them and what not. Make sure, that you’re different from them and you should make endeavours in serving better than them.

8. Don’t forget Post-event follow up.

Assess and evaluate what your company has gained from the event. Check out the areas where you lacked in. And most importantly don’t forget to send follow up mail to the customers you have made.

The people who have inquired about your business and done the registration are also likely to convert into yours’ potential customer. All you have to do is follow-up them.

Sending them a thank you note along with little briefing about your product in the follow-up content would definitely increase the conversion rate.

How about you? Have you tried any of these tactics? Have you seen any other creative ways to promote an event? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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