If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business- Bill Gates Quotes

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business. -Bill Gates

Admit it or not, this is going to happen.

If you think, that your business is going to survive in the era where everything is emerging online, from very little service to the big giant products, everything.

And you’re still sitting in your office and planning to hit the internet or hoping that you could survive because you’re smart enough, then I must say, you’re simply be fooling yourself.

You know why?

Because you’re not growing and learning with time. Doing business is all about living up to date, keeping your eyes wide open and eyeing your competition.

Everybody who was around you, aspiring to start an online business has already started generating revenue. And the bad part is, you’re still living the dogma that your present job or your offline business will bring huge success to you.

To get you out of this mindset, I’m going to give you the top 6 reasons why you should start your own internet business straight away.

1. You will have an Ultimate Job Security.

Most of you won’t agree with me. You might have heard people saying that; “running an online business is too risky.” I totally disagree, when you’re running an online business, you’re actually training yourself how to do things on your own.

Every day, you will try new things. You will fail in many, succeed in few. And in this whole process, you’re making yourself better and better. You’re actually training yourself to create an ultimate job security.

When you’re selling products online,  finding freelance service clients or driving traffic to the ad-based sites, there are chances that you’ll be able to repeat this process again and again even when yours’ initial idea doesn’t work out at the first place.

And in this whole process, you’ll be matured enough and you won’t fear to take chances and risks, which I think is the ultimate job security.

2. You can easily take Advantage of Technology in Setting up your Online Business.

Setting up an online business has now become easier than ever. Gone are those days, when you need to spend the hefty amount of money in renting an office space or to waste your time meeting your employees personally.

These are the things of a past, now technology can easily fill this gap. You can easily set up your online business, sitting at home and using the applications like, Skype for video conferences, Slack for instant messaging, Dropbox to share your files and there are many other applications which can be pretty helpful for setting up your online business.

Moreover, if you are not good at maintaining your finances or you need to borrow cash, then you could easily take the help of Business Loan Calculator, which can guide you through the transactions as well.

I mean to say that, setting up an online business is no longer difficult, even if you’re not a techie.

3. Because your Potential Customers are Present Online.

For running the successful business, you need to analyse where your potential customers are heading? If they are always available online, then why can’t your business go online?

Millions of eye balls are rolling online, so should be your business. Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to look at the offline advertisements or hoardings, therefore, in order to survive, your business ought to follow those eye balls.

You can take the help of various advertisement programmes of social media like facebook, twitter or you may also use google AdWords to target your local customers via online medium.

4. You will only work on the Projects You’re Passionate About.

This is really important. Doing internet business is possible only if you’re passionate enough about it. When you work only in the areas of your interest, then you will have huge success rate rather working on something else which isn’t of your interest.

For you, it won’t be work anymore, because you will seem to enjoy every bit of it. And ultimately, building an online business would be fun for you.

So doing things what you love is much more than doing any other thing in this world.

5. You will have the Wider Network of Clients.

Targeting online customers will enable you to access to a much wider pool of clients and buyers. When you’re doing an online business, you can target your customers globally which make your business not confined to the limited area.

Business is all about growth and thinking about the different ways of expanding it. Going online, will ultimately give your business more exposure and you will have the wider network of clients which enables you to expand your business’s reach dramatically.

6. You will be able to Explore your Interests.

When you’re good at doing something, eventually you will be able to explore your interest even more. You will have more freedom to work according to your particular needs.

Doing business online will give you more flexibility and you can pick yours’ most productive hours of the day because you won’t be confined to any set of schedule or amount of work.

You will be able to travel and explore new places by taking your work along with you because internet businesses are not confined to certain boundaries, it can be operated from anywhere and at any time.

This will give you more space, flexibility and  leisure of doing work.

What are other reasons that are compelling you to start your online business? Let us discuss in the comments below.



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