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Few weeks back, I’ve shared with you guys the motivational quotes by Conor McGregor. But today, I’m here to reveal more about him, what’s his mindset on living your dreams without thinking about anything else, neither winning or losing.

Live your DREAM – Conor McGregor

1. Don’t dwell on the results.

You just have to go out there and perform, no what the outcome is. Don’t ever do anything for the results, because when you do that, you’re actually not living in the present, moreover, you won’t be able to enjoy the journey.

2. Follow your heart.

Follow your heart and do whatever it takes to do those things, every day. You are not here just to live and die. Follow your true self and see where it’s going to take you.

3. Choose your life and live your dreams.

He wanted to be the Martial Artists and that what he chose. He didn’t think about anything else. When you decide to do the particular task, don’t take a step back because this is what you actually wanted to do.

It’s plain and simple, choose your life and live your dreams. If you do that, you will be the happiest person in the world.

Conor McGregor Picture Quote

conor mcgregor picture quote

I hope that you liked these insights and the actual mindset of Conor McGregor. Now don’t forget to share them with your friends and family on social media.


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