things to remember when you face failures

things to remember when you face failures

There are times when we are faced with setbacks and failures because things don’t turn out the way we had planned. Failure inculcates low self-esteem and the fear of putting efforts again.  

History gives us endless examples of people who failed yet never gave up. Be it, Thomas Edison or Abraham Lincoln, they never stopped making efforts and working towards their goals till they succeeded. So, take failure as nothing but a stepping stone to success. But normally, in life when we come across difficult situations we crumble, panic and want to achieve it then and there.

Can you just lose 10kgs with the help of grumbling and without putting real efforts? You would need a lot of patience and consistent efforts to achieve your desired body figure despite constant failures.  

The only thing that failure should bring out in you is the courage and the valor to overcome it. Here are the top 8 things to remember when you face failure.

1. Failure is not the end.

Okay, let us say you went for a job interview and despite your best performance you couldn’t grab the job. So, now what?

If you feel this is the end for you then you are totally wrong my dear. Sometimes things don’t fall into place instantaneously but that doesn’t mean you are a failure.

In his initial years of career, Walt Disney was fired from the Kansas City Star because his editor felt he lacked good ideas and imagination. But later Walt Disney redefined the American childhood with his cartoon character ideas. Think of the day he was fired, if he would have thought this is the end, we would never have seen the Mickey Mouse and the Donald Duck.

2. An event doesn’t define you.

An event or failure doesn’t define the real you. How can a job interview or an exam or any event in life define you? If something doesn’t work now, it doesn’t mean it will never work.

Often when we face failure we start judging ourselves on the basis of that. This creates a sense of low self-esteem and we begin to hesitate in taking new chances.

Keep yourself motivated. There is nothing greater in this world than YOU-not even your problems.

3. Acceptance will bring peace.

The only way out to be at peace with your failure is to accept it. Yes, it is not easy to accept in that very right moment because your mind will question your ego and your efforts. But it’s okay, let the mind do its work but you continue to be fully aware that this is not the end.
Also, remember, there’s no option than to accept. For example: if you are stuck in a traffic jam and there’s no way out backways, frontways or sideways. Then is there a point of cursing the situation or yourself? All you can do to be at peace is ACCEPT the moment.

4. Take the lesson and forget the failure.

This is the crucial step which most of us fail to do. First, we fail and then we blame ourselves and panic over it. And in all this we forget the most important thing- the take-away points from our failure.
For example: If you failed at a job interview then you shouldn’t sit and blame yourself. All you need to do is to look back and find what went wrong at your end in the interview. For example- you lacked technical skills at the interview then you should start working on that and forget about the failure to get a job.

5. Your needs are being taken care off.

Do you think you solely are the driver of your life? If it is so, then you are really wrong my friend. Just stretch your awareness to a bit and you will find many people who contribute to your life.  

You don’t grow your own food and most of us don’t even cook for ourselves. Right? Most of us don’t drive ourselves to our workplaces or wash our clothes. Imagine if all these people who do most of our daily routine work disappear one day, what would life be like?

Always remember your life is being supported by many visible and invisible forces. You will never be deprived of something you need. Have this faith and the sense of failure will fade away right NOW. Nature supports you throughout your life.

6. You are in the perfect time zone.

See, there must be some of your friends who have achieved more than you.  Someone may be having a very good job and there would be someone who had to really wait long even after having a first-class degree. Then there may be your colleagues getting married early and there might be someone who had a child 10 years after marriage.

Then there may be your colleagues getting married early and there might be someone who had a child 10 years after marriage. Comparing your success and setbacks with others may lead you to frustration. So, know this that you are in the perfect time zone, neither ahead nor lacking behind. Everything will fall into place at the perfect time.

7. Say your heart out.

There’s no point in hiding your failures and feeling bad about them. You are not the only one who has failed on this planet. There are millions of people who have already witnessed the same and have overcome it successfully.

So, don’t let failure trouble you inside. Speak about it with your friends and loved ones. They will definitely uplift your spirit and make you feel good about yourselves.

8. Efforts and Enthusiasm should always be 100%

Always make sure you give your 100% to the present moment. Being best with your skills, capabilities, knowledge with full enthusiasm should be the only aim of only.

There’s no point in leaving your efforts just because something didn’t work right. Never lose your enthusiasm for anything in this world not even for failures. Remember, with enthusiasm, you can turn the things 360 degrees around.

Failure is the time when you get to know the real you- your strengths and your weak points. So, why fear failure? Get up and fight back! You have all the strength.  

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