tips on unlocking your minds true potential

It has been said time and again that humans are only able to utilize 10% of their brains true powers. So, somewhere in there, 90% is waiting to be tapped and put to good use.

Our brains are like supercomputers, but much more complicated and complex. It is important that we believe that we can unlock our mind’s true potential.

The best psychics and best clairvoyants in history are known to have unraveled the mystery of their remaining untapped brainpower.

When we are able to maximize our brain’s capabilities, we are also maximizing our chance at success in life. When our brain performs really well, everything else follows as it controls every other part of our body.

Today we will provide you surefire ways unlock your mind’s true potential. This way, you can work and think better and have a better chance at improving your life in general.

How to Unlock Your Mind’s True Potential

1. Yourself in a fight.

Getting yourself in a fight does not include exhaustive combat with a friend or even involving in a yelling match with a sibling over the remote.

You may start to do activities that will tire you and sweat you out. Start playing badminton or sign up for a boxing class. These activities are sure to push yourself to the limit with all the work and sweat.

When you start pushing yourself to your limits, you will realize many things. Your physical, emotional, and psychological limits will see and reach new horizons.

You will know and see for yourself that you are capable of doing things you thought are impossible.

Because your mind realizes that you need to survive, and the body adapts and adjusts to these stressful events. The strenuous workout does not only do well for your body, but it also exercises your brain.

2. Go out and observe more.

While we are but just tiny specks of dust in a very vast universe, humans have a way of fixating too much on themselves and their insecurities to the point that they no longer cannot focus on what is really important.

As a brain exercise, try going out without your phone or anything that can distract you. Be it in a bar, a restaurant, a park, or a shopping mall – it does not matter.

What is important is learn how to observe how people act in a public setting. Humans are naturally driven to act differently when they are outside as they try to blend in with the others for fear of discrimination.

Humans are obsessed with how they look, how they smell, how they talk. These insecurities hinder us from realizing a bigger, much important truth: that we are not the center of the universe.

Upon realizing this, we can then start to think about others and observe why people do certain things. It opens our mind up to many thoughts as we try to rationalize everything that we see. This puts a lot of information in our brain and in a way exercises it.

3. Go solo and travel more.

Going to a different place, not necessarily a country, with a different language, customs, beliefs, and cultures will allow you to feel many unspeakable emotions, learn many new things, and see from another point of view.

You are bound to feel awe and wonder, excitement, and sometimes, stress, too.

Traveling alone is better especially if you wish to take in as much new knowledge as you can. You can unleash the curious cat within yourself.

When you travel to a foreign country that does not speak the common tongue, you will be forced to adapt and learn their language.

It is going to be hard for you to deal with people because you would not understand them and they would not understand you.

Your brain will then realize that, in order to survive in a foreign territory, it must adapt, and it must adapt quickly. You will notice that you are able to understand simple phrases just by context and eye contact.

From there, everything will become a learning opportunity because your brain is forced to do anything in order to survive.

4. Challenge what you know.

As humans, we take comfort in things that we are familiar with and know for certain. We are creatures of habit, pattern, and knowledge supported by science.

But challenging your beliefs will make for a good brain exercise as it forces your brain to let go of your previous knowledge. By seeing things from a different and entirely new perspective, you are opening yourself up (including your brain’s) to new heights, worlds, and possibilities.

Do you refuse to believe in just one religious teaching? Go to mass and listen to sermons from different religions. Questions their teachings, see if anything of it makes sense.

Choose to believe in things that are currently beyond your comprehension, but never dismiss anything. If you reject something outright without giving it a chance, then you would not be able to learn anything.

5. Believe.

Nothing will happen to you if you do not put your heart into something. Allow yourself to believe that these things will really help you.

Doubt will hinder you from improving yourself. Unleash your mind’s true power by continuously believing and wanting to be better.

This is the Law of Attraction. The more you really want something, the better the chance you will eventually get it. With discipline, passion, and hard work, you will be able to achieve a more powerful brain and be able to unleash its true power and potential.

These are just some of the ways you can try to help your brain reach new heights. Unlike dogs, humans are able to learn new tricks regardless of age but it is better that we practice these things as early as now.

Commit yourself today that you really want to help your brain achieve what it’s destined to be. If you have other tips that may have worked for you, feel free to leave a comment down in the comments section.


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