Why Every Entrepreneur Should Use LinkedIn

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular business social media platform right now. The purpose of LinkedIn is not the same as any other. This is the place where business owners and professionals connect.

If you are serious about your business, it is vital that you make use of the power tool that is LinkedIn. Every professional should make use of this platform. If you want to get your brand out to the public, LinkedIn is the place to start.

Why Every Entrepreneur Should Use LinkedIn

1. Search engines

These days we Google just about anything and anyone. If you want people to come across your profile, LinkedIn comes up on the first page of a search. This is important to be found on the internet. Around 94% of online users will click on the first page so you need to make sure you do not end up on page two.

2. Brand awareness

A professional linkedin profile is important when you are trying to get your brand out there. There are many professionals on LinkedIn and this is a great platform to market your business. Make sure you have all the correct contact information on your profile.

3. Networking

The opportunities to network here are endless. Remember, this is a platform where professionals connect so you can strike gold when networking with the correct people. Grow your profile by making contact with customers, industry influencers and even old colleagues and friends.

Grow your profile by making contact with customers, industry influencers and even old colleagues and friends.

4. Up to date information

You will be able to keep your finger on the pulse with changes in the industry. This is important and will allow you to not get left behind. If a new product is trending, you will be able to jump on the bandwagon quickly and timeously.

5. Contacts

You cannot use social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to get hold of the right people or companies. Well, I suppose it is not impossible but it’s time to get serious about business and this is the place to do so.

You will be able to find the right contacts on linkedin as any serious company will be registered.

6. New products

After you have a network of people linked to your profile, you will be able to introduce new products to a big audience. The beauty of

The beauty of LinkedIn is the benefit of free advertising. When introducing new products or services, you already know you are reaching the right audience.

7. Professionalism

Having a LinkedIn profile is an expected part of any business these days. I will usually search for what I want in LinkedIn.

You do not want your profile to not come up because t might send the wrong message. People need to know you are a professional and take your business seriously.

You can easily find help with the LinkedIn profile if it seems intimidating to setup. You will find resume writing help on various websites these days so do not let the technicality stop you from registering.

8. Your competition

So perhaps it is not appropriate to spy on your competitors but it is part of any business to know what the competitors are up to. This way, you can monitor changes in the industry. If you live in your own little box without checking on new industry trends, you can sell yourself and your business short.

9. Hire employees

Linkedin is so popular for finding the right candidates when you have a post to fill. This is where many people are head hunted.

You could save yourself a lot of time by using the right keywords and searching for suitable candidates on LinkedIn. You won’t believe how many job offers I received just by having a LinkedIn profile.

10. 300 million + users

Being able to reach more than 300 million people is enough to make you think. This is the number of potential clients you could reach through LinkedIn . Even if you only reach 1% of the users, which is an insane amount of people you would otherwise not have been able to get to.

Over to You

Social media is definitely the way to go when promoting your business. It is however, important to choose the right platform to do so. LinkedIn the most professional way to go about doing so. You will soon see the value and benefits LinkedIn adds to your business.


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