why you should meditate in the morning

The way we start our days has a great impact on our mood. A good morning routine brings in a peaceful day. Waking up, stretching, meditating, having breakfast, and driving to work sounds good, doesn’t it? Sticking to this routine might be the single problem.

Sometimes we might go to bed late and fail to wake up early in the morning. Other times, we just don’t feel like doing the same over and over again, so we get tired of the same morning schedule. And that is totally understandable. But no matter what we do or not do in the morning, I believe meditation should never be excluded from our routine.

Why? I will give you three great reasons in just a second. How? I will give some tips at the end of the article on that. OK, enough talk. Let’s get down to business.

Why You Should Meditate in the Morning

1. Mornings are Quiet and Peaceful

Meditation requires concentration. Thus, it requires a peaceful environment. We might not be able to focus on ourselves at noon, when the hustle and bustle of the city gets to us. Cars honking, angry people screaming at each other, mad taxi drivers – even if we are not outside, we can still hear them. A feeling of irritation gets to us, and we stop concentrating.

Morning is a better option because everything is quiet and peaceful. Nobody can get in your way. No screams, no question, no disturbances. Just 15 minutes out of your time – that is decent, practical, and very beneficial for your mental health (more on that later, see point 3).

Also, meditation in the morning will pump you up! For men, it will increase their testosterone level, and develop their muscles quickly. For women, it will give them a sense of endless power throughout the day, and more energy to work out. Also, sexual life also improves drastically. Man and women will last longer in bed, and they will develop more sensual characteristics due to meditation.

2. You Can Handle Your Day Better

Lemony Snicket, author of The Blank Book says, “Morning is an important time of day, because how you spend your morning can often tell you what kind of day you are going to have.” And he couldn’t be more right. Meditating is all about thanking the Universe for being alive; living the moment; being connected to the present.

When you start your day with gratitude in your heart, there is almost nothing negative that can affect your day. During those 15 minutes in the morning, you earn more positivity than ever.

Besides that, meditation helps you open new mind doors. It will make you self-aware of your life and your desires. You will realize that you should be thankful for opening your eyes every day, and should never take it for granted. Your eyes are the gifts through which you perceive the world. Also, you start realizing that no day can be repeated. Thus, you must make each day count. Actually, no – make every single moment of your day count!

More self-awareness means fewer worries, and fewer worries mean less stress. “Don’t worry, be happy!” right? Start your day with the significant appreciation for what you have, and release the stress through focusing on your mind.  

3. You Become Healthier

Meditating activates your nervous system and therefore empowers your mind to connect with your body. That means a lot of things:

  • No more coffee – you can now enter “beast mode” by meditating, there is no need to drink tons of coffee anymore.
  • Filtering the information that affects your mind – you might not have a mental filter activated by now since you haven’t meditated; that means that almost everything can get to you. Do you get angry easily over small things? Are there things you should not necessarily pay attention to, but you do anyway? If so, you need to activate your mind filter. Its role is to decide whether a certain thought need or needn’t enter your mind.
  • No more stress – as I’ve pointed out before, meditation releases pressure. You won’t feel stressed again because when you meditate, you have time to breathe and concentrate on yourself. You will feel happier, sleep better, and have an increased appetite, which brings me to my next point.
  • Eating healthier – when we meditate, we sometimes realize that we are not clean eaters. When we are stressing over deadlines and difficult projects, we might forget about our diets; we crave sweets and fast-food, and our bodies suffer. But through meditating, we actually realize how important eating healthy is, and how much it impacts our well-being. “You are what you eat,” right?
  • No more headaches – research shows that meditation in the morning reduces headaches throughout the day by at least 20%.

There are moments when you might wonder “Would I be able to do all of these?” and the answer is no. At this point, you are not. And you shouldn’t. Take it step by step, do not over push it. Make sure you meditate every morning, and start from there. You will see that gradually, the changes will come. You will feel the need to eat healthier, experience fewer headaches, and you might even stop drinking coffee.

How a Morning Routine Looks Like

A busy schedule and a stressful environment might make us ignorant about our minds and bodies. And that is the last thing we want. That’s why we need to push ourselves into meditating. So, take a look at a casual morning routine, and adjust it to your needs:

  • Go to bed no later than 10:30 pm. Try to finish all your work by then so you can rest properly.
  • Wake up at least 15 minutes before the usual time, and wash your face. That will clear your mind and wake you up for real.
  • Drink some hot water before you start. It helps clean out the toxins in your body.
  • Get comfortable; start small, but sit tall. Design a special mind space for meditating that you are going to fulfill in the past.
  • Breathe in, breathe out. Let go of all the negative emotions. Think about yourself. Concentrate on “nothing.”
  • Write down what you have thought about every time after a practice session ends.
  • Practice makes perfect! Repeat this as much as you can! With time, things will get better.
  • Smile, and enjoy a great breakfast!

Wrapping Things Up

Morning meditation can, and will, make you happier in the long run. All you have to do is stick with it. Give meditation a chance, even if you might be skeptical that it helps as much as I said. You might not believe me, and that is alright – you don’t have to. But try out for yourself, and see the changes with your own eyes (or mind haha)!


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